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China's Medicine University

Study in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

  • The best university in China which offers TCM Program.

  • An overall ranking top 100 university.

  • One of the important stations for talents' training and scientific research on TCM, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina.  

  • The English taught Chinese Medicine program is available.

  • Everything on campus is well-prepared and the teachers were very nice to students.

  • The university is in the downtown of the city, and it has easy access to metro and intercity commuting systems.

Study in BUCM
Study in Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College

Founded in 1909, Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College was originally known as the “Zhi Li Tuition School”
established by the Qing government in Baoding. Having experienced several developments and changes, it was
renamed as “Hebei Chemical Engineering School” in 1982. And it was reconstructed and renamed as “Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College” in May 2002 with the approval of the Hebei Provincial Government. Such
upgrade means it has entered the ranks of higher vocational education.

Study in HEBCPC
Study in Shenyang Medical College
Shenyang Medical College
City: Shenyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • Shenyang Medical College(SYMC) is the best medical institution of higher learning in Shenyang has been recruiting international students for more than ten years.

  • SYMC possesses an education of good quality and strict management.

  • The tuition in SYMC is relatively cheap and students in SYMC are very excellent.

  • The proportion in passing Medical Licensing Examination is very high.

Study in SYMC
Study in Dalian Medical University
Dalian Medical University
City: Dalian
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Good Location: The University is located in the coastal city-Dalian, which was firstly listed as the "Best Tourist Cities" of China.

  • Size: The university is the largest medical university in China which enrolls the largest number of international students for MBBS program.

  • MBBS Program: The MBBS program is popular for its solid foundation and strong academic strength. Besides, it opens in each spring and autumn.

  • BDS Program: The English taught Dentist program is available.

  • Reorganization: The degree is recognized in 31 countries. The university has signed agreements with medical associations in Thailand, Ghana, Sri Lanka.  

  • Internship: To do internship in China, two direct affiliated hospitals have been authorized to be the first-rank hospital.

  • Multicultural: The campus is multicultural; the students come from 82 countries.

Study in DLM
Study in Shantou University Medical College

  • The program is taught in English by qualified basic science and clinical faculties.

  • Established international textbooks and publications as references.

  • Early and maximized clinical exposure.

  • Prepare students for the USMLE.

  • Abundant research opportunities.

  • Comfortable living environment at low cost.

Study in STUMC
Study in China Medical University
China Medical University
City: Shenyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • One of the top ten medical schools in China with a history of 79 years.

  • The university was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party in 1931.

  • CMU has been teaching medicine in English medium since 1978.

  • The University ranks 4th position among nearly 150 Medical Colleges in China.

  • It is situated in Shenyang, the largest metropolis in northeastern China.

  • The MBBS programs has been listed by WHO's World Directory and it has reached a leading level in China and won high international reputations.

  • CMU has 3 large and modern affiliated hospitals, where students can do internship in the final year. The Shengjing Hospital is famous for its gynaecology and obstetrics.

  • The MBBS students can pay only 1/3 of the tuition fee if the students choose to do internship out of China.

  • Indian text books along with those of USA and UK editions.

Study in CMU
Study in Guangxi Medical University
Guangxi Medical University
City: Nanning
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • The best medical university in Guangxi province.

  • One of the 22 oldest medical institutes in China.

  • One of the 8 medical institutes that first to enroll international students.

  • One of the 30 universities that is qualified to launch MBBS courses in English medium.

  • Very close to the countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.

  • The Nanning city, capital of Guangxi Province, has one of the mildest climates in China, warm in four seasons.

  • Low Tuition fee. The living expense of Nanning is very low.

  • The hostel is separate from boys and girls. Very safe for girls. 

Study in GXMU
Study in Jinzhou Medical University
Jinzhou Medical University
City: Jinzhou
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Located in Jinzhou city, a beautiful coastal city and 3 hours to Beijing by train.

  • Low cost with low tuition fee (only USD 4500/year) and low living expenses.

  • The university provide 2 enrollment, including spring intake and autumn intake.

  • The university is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools.

  • Outstanding teaching quality and research assessment.

  • The teachers are very understanding and always willing to help even outside lecture hours.

  • The administration is available and always tries their best to address each student's concerns.

  • Very warm indoors during the winter time.

  • The dining halls for students are famous for their good service.

  • The international student dormitories are providing hotel-style services, very safe for girls. 

Study in JZMU
Study in Hebei Medical University
Hebei Medical University
City: Shijiazhuang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Established in 1894, it is one of the oldest and best medical universities in China.

  • The Clinical Medicine in HMU ranks the 16th among China universities.

  • Among the first batch of Chinese universities qualified to teach MBBS in English.

  • The university built the first medical journal "Renshen Medicine", edited the first "anatomy of human body system", took the first implementation of finger replantation surgery in China, and firstly discovered the acute motor axonal neuropathy in the world.

  • The school has been cultivating a large number of outstanding medical talents, such as Professor Zhangyan who is the anatomical expert and first author of Human Body Systematic Anatomy; Si Kunfan who is the China second international winner of Nightingale; Mr. Lane, the founder of traditional Chinese and western medicine combination.

  • Free airport up service for freshman and nice student service after arrival. Free accommodation is provided to the parents for 3 or less than 3 days on temporary visiting.

  • Help is given to graduates in participating in the enrollment and coach of China’s National Examination for Qualified Doctors.

  • Two times travels will be organized annually among the undergraduates and graduates, with the students only in charge of half of the fees.

  • The MBBS program is recognized by WHO, MCI, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, Malaysian Medical Council, Nepal Medical Council, Saudi Medical Council, etc.

Study in HEBMU
Study in Sanquan Medical College
Sanquan Medical College
City: Xinxiang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

Sanquan Medical College (SQMC) was established in 2003 under the approval of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and it was confirmed as an independent college by the Ministry of Education in December of the same year. SQMC consists of two campuses with a total covered area of 679,733 square meters and a floor area of 661,000 square meters. It is home to 48,660 alumni and 18,935 students guided by 1112 teachers undertaking 26 undergraduate and 13 junior college majors in 5 domains of medicine, management, science, engineering and literature. Gradually growing into a young college with unique features and evident advantages, SQMC has made its prominent contribution to public health services of Henan Province.

Study in SQMC

Medicine Universities

A medical university usually provides a range of educational programs in the biomedical sciences and medical field. Most medical universities have the purpose of preserving and optimizing human life. Some popular medical universities in China are: China Medical University, Capital Medical University and Tianjin Medical University.
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