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Detailed Information About Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College

Introduction of Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College

Founded in 1909, Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College was originally known as the "Zhi Li Tuition School" established by the Qing government in Baoding. Having experienced several developments and changes, it was renamed as "Hebei Chemical Engineering School" in 1982. And it was reconstructed and renamed as "Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College" in May 2002 with the approval of the Hebei Provincial Government. Such upgrade means it has entered the ranks of higher vocational education.

For more than 100 years, the college has been adhering to its running philosophy of "learning by virtue, working by technology". The college has always been devoting itself to cultivating chemical and pharmaceutical talents by adapting to the new normal of our economy while inheriting the centurial culture of vocational education. Having been exploring and making progress, the college has developed into a national model high—level vocational college with a long history and culture and a beautiful campus environment. With its diverse growth space, the college has strong running ability and provides high—quality jobs for students.

Situated at the southeast part of Shijiazhuang, the college covers an area of almost 500,000m2. At president, there are more than 13,000 full-time students and more than 500 staffs. Among all the staffs, there are 37 professors and 127 associate professors. The college involves 57 majors that are highly compatible with petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, equipment manufacturing, new energy, and modern service industries. Now, following the teaching concept of "real-world", there are 242 on-campus training bases which conclude the functions of scientific research, social training, skill contests, social service, etc.

With an international perspective and global awareness, the college has set up good cooperation and signed cooperation agreements with some colleges 4 and research institutes in Germany, Korea, Thailand, Poland, Australia, Canada, America and so on, jointly carrying out exchanges and visits, professional co-construction, teacher training, curriculum standard construction, cooperative education, academic exchanges and other activities.

In 2016, the college was selected by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to carry out the “13th Five—Year Plan” for the integration of production and education projects. In the same year, it was selected as the national high—quality vocational college project construction unit. In 2019, it passed the national acceptance with excellent results. As one of the first batch of 24 vocational colleges nationwide, the college was selected as one of the second batch of national innovation and entrepreneurship education deepening reform demonstration colleges in 2017. In 2018, it was selected by the Ministry of Education as one of the third batch of nationwide modern apprenticeship pilot units. In June 2019, it was successfully selected as the"Double High Plan" high—level college in Hebei Province. The pharmaceutical production technology professional group and the applied chemical technology professional group were successfully selected into the high—level professional groups of “Double High Plan” in Hebei Province. In August 2019, it was successfully selected as national Top 50 universities with typical experience of innovation and entrepreneurship. In October 2019, it was successfully selected as the planned construction unit of national high—level professional groups with Chinese characteristics.

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