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Detailed Information About Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Introduction of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

As one of the earliest institutions of higher learning of Traditional Chinese Medicine .It Founded in 1956, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) play a key role in higher education directly made the supervision of the Education Ministry of China. It is also the only established TCM institution to be incorporated into the “211 Project”among TCM University and colleges.

According to April 2008 statistics, BUCM has a total enrollment of 10,581 full-time students comprising 6,614 undergraduates, 1,406 vocational students,1,992 master degree students and 569 doctoral degree candidates.

BUCM, since 1957, has trained numerous batches of foreign students. In 2009, total enrollment of foreign students number 1,414 of which 1,055 were undergraduate, 213 were master or doctoral degree candidates, and 146 were senior or general scholars (Chinese language training program scholars included).

BUCM has a distinguished and fully qualified teaching faculty. Over the last 53 years, BUCM has successfully trained more than 300,000 domestic TCM professionals, and 13,000 overseas professionals from 87 countries and regions. It ranks foremost among TCM schools in China in the following aspects: educational level, course concept and development, scientific research, medical treatment and international cooperation etc.

The International School administers the enrollment, education and provision of related tuition and student welfare service for foreign students. The reception and orientation of foreign undergraduates, short-and long-training students and preparatory undergraduate students also fall under its charge.

Short-term training is provided in various languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, etc. In addition, it runs the TCM PhD program for Western medical doctors (taught in English), The 5-year TCM Program (taught in English) following the educational model of “lectures given in English While learning Chinese language synchronically” is highly praised by foreign students who have undergone this course.

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