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Application Methods

Comparison of 3 Application Methods




Via an agency


1. Find Program&University

(1) Language barriers, since universities’ websites are mostly in Chinese.
(2) Time-consuming, energy-consuming, and difficult to get all the information you want.


Recommended universities might be those that do not fulfill your standard but have partnership with the agency.

(1)Largest course database.
(2)Various search criteria.


2. Application Procedure (Entry requirements, application deadline, gathering required documents, submission etc.)

(1) No professional consultant by side to analyze your SWOT due to universities’ entry requirements.
(2) Could miss the application deadline.


(1) Documents preparation could be rough.
(2) High price consultancy fee.


(1)Application progress and tracking are all in your own hands.

 (2)Experienced consultants are always there to help you.

3. Accommodation

(1)Various room types could make you very confuse.
(2)Could miss the application deadline for accommodation booking.
(3)Hard choice about living on-campus or out of campus.
(4)Hard to book your favorite room type.


(1)Special portal for CUCAS accommodation booking.

(2)Accommodation is guaranteed for universities who have joined in CUCAS Fast Track Project.

4. Visa Preparation

(1)Could confused about visa types.
(2)Whole progress could be very exhausted.


(1)Visa documents preparation might be rough.
(2)To some extreme extents, your visa could be declined.


(1)CUCAS offers visa information in accordance with your country.

(2)Embassy contact information can also be found on CUCAS website.

5. Pre-leaving Preparation

(1)Plenty of time will be spent on searching what to bring to China.

(2)Language barriers: Some useful information are only written in Chinese.

(1)CUCAS offers a pre-departure guide for every student.

(2)City information about weather, local cuisine, transportation, average living cost etc. are available on CUCAS.

(3)CUCAS airport pick-up service is here to help as well.


Students' Experience

  • >> Apply in-person:

    • Name: Orimolade Oluwagbohunmi Temitayo

    • Nationality: Nigerian

    • University: Nanjing Medical University

    • Major: MBBS

    • Problems: Difficulty to contact the school; need to wait for a long period; uni staff hardly speaks English.

      I graduated from senior high school in year 2011, I applied for a medical school back in my country but was not admitted because it is a very hard process; limited seats, expensive tuition and even if I was to be admitted, I had to read a different course. I stayed home through out that year and waited for the next academic year.

      In the year 2012, I started the process of admission, which was not an easy task because I had no one to guide me, no agent or agency to help in the process even if payment was required for the service, except a cousin of mine who was already in china studying medicine, he was in his 4th year, but I could not put too much pressure on him because of time difference and he was busy with his final exams. He couldn’t do much because he needed to concentrate on studying, but he tried his best to help me with the admission process, he sent me the admission form through e-mail. It was not as easy as it sounds in that, the only convenient way for me to contact the school was via the internet, I could not call the school because of the seven (7) hour time difference.

      Two weeks after filling the form and providing the required documents to the school via email, I got my admission letter requesting for payment of 2000 dollars as deposit fee. I went with my parents to a local bank to make the transaction. We had to fill some forms and we were required to change the money from naira to dollars. After we were given the transaction details, I scanned and send it to the school, waited for the school’s reply during which, my parents started getting worried of been duped, because internet fraud has now become a very rampant crime, after a week or two, I got an email confirming the school had received the money, my parents became relaxed. Then I received parcel with some other documents needed to complete the admission process. A week after I received the parcel, I was so anxious to see what was inside, it was all like a dream to me. The parcel contained some documents showing the details about school fees, resumption details, and also the most important document; the JW2O2 form; needed for visa application.

  • >> Apply via an agency

    • Name: Rebecca Chinapiel

    • Nationality: Mauritian

    • University: Nanjing Medical University

    • Major: MBBS

    • Problem: Be frauded.

      In December 2010, my sister has told me try to look for China and this might be a good opportunity for me since lots of Mauritian are studying Medicine there. So, I had surf for many medical universities that would teach in English medium and I came across an agent named ‘Master U’ that sent students from Mauritius to China. After I have emailed the agency telling them that I do not intend to enter the 1st year of Medicine because I already hold a degree in Science and that I would like to be transfer into either 2nd or 3rd year directly since I have already done many of the modules, they have immediately called me for an appointment immediately.

      ‘Master U’ told me that I was accepted to Fujian Medical University to start 2nd year 2nd semester starting in February 2011. I was so happy knowing that my dream to become a doctor will soon be accomplished. I was told by the agency that I need to make an immediate payment of €800 to secure my place which I did out of happiness and joy that I have been accepted in a Medical University. To add with, I was also given the course structure along with the fees payment which have accounted to about 160 000 Yuan for 3.5 years without accommodation fees.

      When I was checking the fees structure that Master U has given me, I have found something very strange and was quite fraudulent, because it was mention that I have a fees of 50 000 Yuan that I should pay for USMLE and that its compulsory else I would not be admitted to Fujian Medical University.

      I knew very clearly that USMLE is an independent body and that it is regulated by the US medical council, not China and this can’t be a compulsory set by Fujian Medical University. So, I decided to contact the university myself, and a lady at the administration had emailed me the fees structure that I am supposed to pay and also I was told that the USMLE supposedly part of the programme according to MASTER U is not included.

      I was very surprised and very shocked, because I was embezzled for money by MASTER U and this is very fraudulent, so I decided to tell Master U that they are not operating lawfully and would like to get my money back and that I would apply to Fujian Medical University directly an through them.

      Master U was not willing to return my money and they told me that this is the only university in China that would accept me as a transfer student, and that I can’t get admitted nowhere. Moreover they told me that the only option to get to Fujian University is through them and that I am obliged to pay the fees for the USMLE.

      My parents had agreed but I did not at all to go to Fujian by this agency, because I have seen how they are operating very fraudulently. I had some friends who were studying in Wenzhou Medical College, and they have told me that they have also use Master U and that this agency has stolen their money through a fake USMLE course.

      Master U was not willing to return me back my money but I had told the agency that I will sue them if they don’t return. Because of the fear that the agency name would tarnish if I pursue them, they returned my money back. Even though I got all the money back, my dreams were shattered because my willing to become a doctor and the road to it is closing and also time was passing.

  • >> Apply via CUCAS

    • Name: Abid Rashid

    • Nationality: Indian

    • University: Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    • Major: Masters candidate Pediatrics

      Being aware of the cumbersome admission process, I began to send my applications to many medical universities across China, as expected the response was poor. Getting admission in university of your choice can be a Hercules task. It was CUCAS (China's University and College Admission System) that came to my rescue. I found this beautiful website with answers to all of my questions. Truly, I am not bragging, CUCAS has done a tremendous job in shaping the future of many students, who want to pursue their studies in China. For those who do not know, CUCAS is the official online portal for international students applying to China's universities. CUCAS acts as an online support system between international students and China’s universities making this Hercules task look like a cake walk. I must say that the CUCAS team has put tremendous efforts in gathering all the information you might need on any issue regarding course or a university.


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