China's Finance and Economics University List 32 Universities

China's Finance and Economics University

Study in Shandong University of Finance and Economics

  • Shandong University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) ,is one of the earliest established ordinary advanced institute of finance and economics in Shandong Province.

  • Giving priority to scientific research, SUFE has been actively carrying on both basic and applied research, and increasing the support for both.

  • SUFE has a wide range of teaching facilities and a public service system.

Study in SDUFE
Study in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

  • Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE), founded in 1923, is situated in Nanchang City, Jiangxi province, China.

  • It is one of the leading universities in economics and management nationwide.

  • There are four campuses with 21 teaching schools in this university. It has established 58 undergraduate programs and 96 master degree programs, 33 doctoral degree programs and 28 post-doctoral programs.

  • It has established intercollegiate relationships with more than 85 related higher institutions in 18 countries and regions.

Study in JUFE
Study in Nanjing University of Finance and Economics

  • Nanjing University of Finance and Economics (NUFE), one of the key comprehensive universities in Jiangsu Province, is oriented to the disciplines of economics and management, coupled with those of laws, humanities, science and technology.

  • At present the university hosts 19 schools and departments. The university now has 11 first-level master's degree authorization disciplines, 58 second-level master's degree authorization disciplines, 38 undergraduate programs and some other two-year certificate programs.

  • NUFE possesses three campuses: Fujian Road campus, Xianlin campus and Qiaotou campus, covering an area of about 200 hectares and the floored space is 800,000 square meters.

  • The libraries hold a collection of 2,030,000 books. The University has established about 200 multi-media classrooms, over 100 laboratories for different specialties and microcomputer laboratories with 7,203 computers for the students.

Study in NUFE
Study in Guangxi University Of Finance and Economics

  • Guangxi University of Finance and Economics is the only financial-economical university in Guangxi province.

  • It institutes a variety of educations including professional training, undergraduate, adult education, education for students from abroad, etc.

  • Located in an ideal environment for higher education, it possesses not only perfect modern facilities but also a team of highly qualified staff members.

Study in GXUFE
Study in Nanjing Audit University

  • Nanjing Audit University, or NAU, the only financial and economical institute of higher education around the world that carries “AUDIT” in its name.

  • In the year 2012, NAU was ranked as “Jiangsu Provincial Outstanding College in Teaching Affairs”.

  • NAU firmly adheres to the principle of opening up to the outside world. Up to the year of 2012, we have over 200 teachers going abroad on visiting or training programs, and 25 teachers engaged in UN audit.

  • NAU has established extensive cooperation and exchange contacts with international organizations

  • NAU adheres to the teaching philosophy of “distinguishing features, high quality and internationalization” and cherishes “honesty, truth pursuing, diligence and devotion to public duty” as its school motto.

Study in NAU
Study in Jilin University of Finance and Economics

  • Jilin University of Finance and Economics is a Jilin Province key university under the joint construction of Jilin Province People’s Government and the State Taxation Administration.

  • The university is committed to raising its competitiveness by scientific research.

  • According to the Phoenix Network, the employment rate and employment quality of our graduates in recent years was ranked No. 24 nationwide and No. 2 in northeast China among the non-"211" (top 100 universities in the 21st century) post-secondary schools.

  • The university values international exchange and cooperation, who has established intercollegiate ties with over 30 universities in 11 countries.

Study in JLUFE
Study in Shanghai Business School

  • Shanghai Business School (SBS), formerly East China Branch of Tax Administration School of the Central Government, is a 60-year-old school under the direct auspices of Shanghai Municipal Government.

  • In addition, the school has a team of over 100 visiting professors consisting of senior business leaders such as chairman of the boards and chief executives of nationally or internationally known enterprise groups.

  • Since China’s economic reform, Shanghai Business School has established influential research institutes and training organizations, including.

  • The school’s academic journal, Journal of Shanghai Business School, is one of China’s principal published periodicals on commerce and trade.

  • Besides, it also participates in the publishing and editing of other core Chinese journals like East China Economic Management.

Study in SBS
Study in Hebei University of Economics and Business

  • Hebei University of Economics and Business (HUEB) is one of the 10 top universities in Hebei Province.

  • In the assessment carried out by the Ministry of Education of China in 2004, HUEB was appraised as Excellent for the fine quality of its academic research and teaching.

  • HUEB has 15 undergraduate schools, four teaching departments and one graduate school, one school of continuing education and School of Economics and Management

  • The university offers 55 specialties for undergraduates, nine first level disciplines offering Master's Degrees, and other 10 programs such as Masters of Law, MBA offering Master's Degrees.

  • HUEB has seven provincial-level key disciplines and two provincial-level developing disciplines, of which Industrial Economics is an excellent provincial-level key discipline.

Study in HUEB
Study in Wuxi institute of Commerce

  • Wuxi Institute of Commerce (WXIC) is a state-run full-time vocational college geared to fostering high quality technicians for modern service industry.

  • In collaboration with Nanjing University of Finance and Economics in the "3+2" program for skillful undergraduates cultivation, the Institute was listed as Jiangsu Experimental Unit for Modern Vocational Education Network Construction Program.

  • Its well-resourced library holds a print collection of over 800,000 volumes as well as an ample source of digital materials. The campus has 167 laboratories and experimental rooms and 15 technical training centers.

Study in WXIC
Study in Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics

  • Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics was established in 1950. It received the master-accredited program in 1998 and MBA program in 2001 respectively. 2009 witnessed its grant of EMBA program, which is the only one in Xinjiang.

  • At present, the university consists of 20 schools and departments, with 32 disciplines for undergraduates, 5 disciplines for first level Master programs, 27 disciplines for second level Master programs and 9 disciplines for Professional Master programs.

  • In addition, it has gained 4 national major projects, 2 national Quality Courses and 6 provincial key disciplines.

  • The library of the university contains 1.06 million volumes of books, with 26 data bases in both Chinese and foreign languages, more than 40 ones sharing resources with RUC (Renmin University of China), 15 labs and 60 internship bases inside and outside campus.

  • The university has established partnership with more than thirty universities around the world.

Study in WXIC

Finance and Economics Universities

A Financial university in China is aimed to cultivate talents for China’s economic construction and social development. Students from financial universities may step into banks, financial department, and international trade companies to create value with their skills. Some popular financial universities in China are: University of International Business and Economics, Hebei University of Economics and Business and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics.
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