China's Finance and Economics University List 37 Universities

China's Finance and Economics University

Study in University of International Business and Economics

  • One of China's best economics-oriented universities.

  • One of Beijing's most popular destinations for international students to study courses in finance, economics, management, trade and Chinese language.

  • It is situated in the northeast of Beijing, near the city centre.

  • One of the important stations for talents' training and scientific research on Chinese economic and business development.   

  • Preparatory Courses for Bachelor Program and Business Chinese are available.

  • The only university offers English taught International Politics.

  • Most English taught degree programs have two batches each year, Spring and Autumn.

Study in UIBE
Study in Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School

  • Homestay, a popular chance for international students to communicate with locals.

  • The school recruits international students both in spring and autumn semester.

  • Divided into classes alone taught in English. When becoming a senior, they can take the same class with Chinese students.

  • Opportunity to exchange learning and gain the growth in knowledge. In their third year, students can choose our partner universities such as Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Russia, in exchange of learning for one semester.

  • An immersion week every year. It’s professor who will lead students to visit enterprise and then have a group discussion during this period. Immersion week will end with carrying out a speech about this activity.

  • Perfect student management system. The school has set up a marketing department, student service department as well as educational administration for international students. The Student Union serves more than 300 international students from the International Business School.

  • Start regular lectures the Senior Executives give, which promotes students to obtain the latest business information.

  • There are internship bases between school and enterprises.

Study in BFSUIBS
Study in Beijing Institute of Economics and Management

  • One of the best universities in Beijing for Chinese learning.

  • Located in Wangjing, where the multinational companies locate regional headquarters in Beijing.

  • The accommodation is pretty decent and the room is well equipped.

  • Campus is really beautiful and surrounding is quiet.

  • Most of the teaching staff are friendly and are willing to help students out with difficulties.

  • An International university, all the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

  • Total immersion in the Chinese language.

  • Affordable, accredited and quality Chinese language programs.

  • Total beginner to proficient classes available.

Study in BIEM
Study in Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

  • The first business school in Asia with a distinct finance focus.

  • It boasts an internationally renowned faculty with impressive teaching and research experience from leading universities around the world, including MIT, Columbia, Princeton, UC-Berkeley, Michigan, etc.

  • The English taught Finance MBA program is accredited by AASCB.

  • Career Development Center (CDC). Tailor-made career service.

  • Ranking among top 5 in China and top 100 in the world.

  • Member of C9 league of Elite Universities (something like a US Ivy League).

  • One member of Project 985 and 211.

Study in SAIF
Study in Capital University of Economics and Business

  • One of the best universities in Beijing.

  • A university located in the Capital of China.

  • Short-term Economics program is available.

  • One of the best universities for Chinese learning.

  • The international student dormitories are providing hotel-style services.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

  • The university will in charge of the international students' troubles.

  • It adjoins the famous Beijing CBD (Central Business District).

  • Everything on campus is well-prepared and teachers are very nice to students.

Study in CUEB
Study in Central University of Finance and Economics

  • CUFE commits itself to the development of internationalization, and pays much attention to the education of international students.

  • In 2005, CUFE was accredited by the MOE to confer international scholarships to assist and encourage foreign students in China. 

  • CUFE has established relationships with more than 120 international organizations.

  • International students, including those with Chinese government scholarship, are welcome to apply for all undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs offered by CUFE.

Study in CUFE
Study in Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

  • Top 3 in China for Finance and Economics

  • The best university in Northeastern China for Business studies

  • Boasts one of China’s highest graduate employment rates

  • GIME boasts a faculty of more than 40 teaching staff with not only a wide range of international experience but many of which graduated from Cambridge University, University of California (Berkeley) and Pennsylvania State University.

  • State of the art, modern teaching facilities giving students the best learning environment

  • Situated in the coastal city of Dalian, voted China’s most livable city famous for its scenic beauty and temperate climate.

  • Students can legally work part-time and engage in paid internships

  • Partial Scholarships available for English medium taught programmes (BSc/Msc International Business Management, BSc/Msc Hospitality and Tourism Management, MSc International Trade and Chinese Studies)

Study in DUFE
Study in Guangdong University of Finance & Economics

Guangdong University of Finance & Economics (GDUFE) was founded in 1983 with the approval from China State Council. It received “Excellent” in the undergraduate education evaluation conducted by China Ministry of Education in 2008.

Study in GDUFE
Study in Guangxi International Business Vocational College

There are seven departments in the college, i.e. Department of International Trade, Accounting Department, Market Circulation Department, Tourism Management Department, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Finance,

Study in GXIBVC

Finance and Economics Universities

A Financial university in China is aimed to cultivate talents for China’s economic construction and social development. Students from financial universities may step into banks, financial department, and international trade companies to create value with their skills. Some popular financial universities in China are: University of International Business and Economics, Hebei University of Economics and Business and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics.
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