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Detailed Information About Beijing Wuzi University

Introduction of Beijing Wuzi University

Beijing Wuzi University was founded in 1980. It is a financial college characterized by physical distribution management and to bring up economic management talents.
The university is located at Tongzhou Zone in Beijing and is near the exit of Jingtong speedway, so it is convenient and has elegant environment. The campus covers more than 400 acres, and the construction area is 17 million square metres. It is awarded by Beijing city “civilization campus” and “garden unit”.
There are more than 600 teaching and administrative staffs, of which more than 300 full-time teachers and more than 140 professors and associate professors. There are more than 7,000 students in colleges, of which more than 6,200 undergraduates and 200 graduates. In addition, there are more than 3000 undergraduates and junior college students of adult education.
The university is based on economics and management science is dominant. It is characterized by physical distribution management and is accompanied with literature, law, economic and management, science and engineering. The university operates nine departments and they are departments of economics, business management, accounting, management science and engineering, labor department, physical distribution, foreign language, law and politics and mathematics and physics and otherwise sports and senior departments. There are 22 undergraduate courses and junior college courses, 3 senior specialties, 5 master points and 1 second degree point. 22 undergraduate courses and junior college courses (specialties) are economics, finance (additional futures and securities specialties), international economic and trade, law (feudal laws on the circulation of coins), business administration (additional international purchasing and supply chain management specialty) , marketing, accountancy (registered accountant specialty and registered asset assessment specialty), finance management, information management and information systems (additional computer software design and application specialty), electronic commerce, computer science and technology, human resource management, labor and social security, statistics, physical distribution management, physical distribution engineering, English (commercial and trade specialty) and information and computing science. 3 senior specialties are electronic data processing accounting, physical distribution management and securities and futures. 5 master points are industrial economics, management science and engineering, business management, labor economics and physical distribution engineering. 1 second degree point is physical distribution management. In addition, The university set up a continuing education college for adult education and short-term training qualifications.
There are more than 500 thousand monograph, translations, reference books, teaching materials and data of economic management and more than 900 magazines and journals at home and abroad in The university library. It has abundant electronic journals and numeric book resources and advanced electronic reading room. The university is in possession of key laboratory of Beijing- physical distribution technology and systems laboratory, human culture and social science research base of Beijing city-Beijing modern physical distribution research base and securities and futures simulation laboratory which transfers information of securities and futures trading all over the world through microwave systems. The university is front for economic core journals of China, human culture and social science core journals of China and marketing society proceedings-“Chinese economic circulation”.
The university attaches importance to scholarly communication and friendly intercourse with foreign education and scientific research organizations, and has founded friendly cooperation with universities and scientific research organizations of Japan, Korea, German, America, Britain etc.

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