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It is located in the ancient town Changzhou, which is in the south of Jiangsu Province, occupying the middle area of Yangtze River Delta. It also lies in the middle way between Shanghai and Nanjing, bordering Suzhou and Wuxi, with Yangtze River in the north and Lake Tai in the south.

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Study in Changzhou University

  • In 2010, the University was once again officially approved and elevated by Ministry of Education to be Changzhou University.
  • The university has ten subordinate colleges, together with the Sports Department, the College of Continuing Education and Huaide College.
  • CZU’s high-quality faculty team assures good developing trends in its discipline construction and research capability.
  • The university actively promotes the strategy of international talents training by adhering to an open school policy, as well as attaching great importance to international exchanges and cooperation with the emphasis on Sino-foreign cooperation, academic exchanges and research cooperation.

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Study in Changzhou College of Information Technology

  • Changzhou College of Information Technology (CCIT), the first higher vocational information college in Jiangsu Province, is affiliated to Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission.
  • In 2003, it was listed as "Model Software College of Technology".
  • In 2004, it passed the evaluation of talents cultivating work in higher vocational schools directed by the Ministry of Education.
  • In 2005, it was entitled "Advanced Vocational School".
  • In 2010, it passed the assessments of "State-level Model Vocational College".
  • It has a comprehensive range of fields covering 8 categories.
  • Students’ employment rate has kept over 99% in the recent years.

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About Changzhou

Changzhou (Chinese: 常州) is a prefecture-level city in southern Jiangsu province of China. It was previously known as Yanling, Lanling, Jinling, and Wujin. Located on the southern bank of the Yangtze River, Changzhou borders the provincial capital of Nanjing to the west, Zhenjiang to the northwest, Wuxi to the east, and the province of Zhejiang to the south. The city is situated in the affluent Yangtze Delta region of China. Its total population was 4,592,431 inhabitants at the 2010 census whom 3,290,918 lived in the built-up area made up of 5 urban districts. The agglomeration is now part of Shangai-Suzhou-Wuxi built-up area which has now more than 36,000,000 inhabitants, only second in China after Pearl River built-up area.
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