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The areas of lowest living cost include Yingchuan,Luoyang, Xining, these cities all located in the northwest China where economy is comparatively lower than other cities, people lived in these cities could reduce the cost of living.
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The areas of normal living cost include many middle cities, like Chengdu, Xi’an, Xia’men and so on. People lived these places burdened the lower house rent and traffic fees, comparatively , their living burden is much lower than people lived in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen of first class cities.
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With the rapid development of economy, the areas of high living cost include Beijing,Shanghai, Shenzhen. Generally, Beijing high living cost mainly for its house rent and the expensive traffic fee, a total of living cost is about 2000RMB at least.
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About Living cost

The living cost of China is different in different cities, generally speaking, the level of living cost in eastern of China is higher than the middle and western region areas of China and the middle region is higher than western region. The southern parts is higher than northern areas.
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