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Introduction of Changzhou University

1. Changzhou University (CZU) Introduction
Changzhou University (CZU) is situated in the historical and cultural city of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, the south of Yangtze River, famous for its rich resources and outstanding talents.
Founded early in 1978, CZU, originally named Wuxi Branch Institute, and then Changzhou Branch Institute of Nanjing Institute of Chemical Technology, was established as a provincial full-time university at the beginning of China’s reform and opening-up. In 1981, authorized and granted by State Council, it was officially entitled as Jiangsu Institute of Chemical Technology. Following the cooperative school-running mechanism implemented by Jiangsu Provincial Government and China Petrochemical Corporation in 1984, the institute became a university under the administration of both Ministry of Education and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) in 1992, and it was thus renamed as Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical Technology. Incorporated into the Jiangsu Provincial Government and co-sponsored by the central and the local government since 2000, the institute was renamed as Jiangsu Polytechnic University in November 2002. In 2010, the University was once again officially approved and elevated by Ministry of Education to be Changzhou University. Through 32 years of construction and development, the university has developed into an institution of higher learning with emphasis on engineering, combined with science and integrated with arts, with the distinguishing feature of cooperation in terms of “production sectors, schools and research sectors”, as well as the harmonious development of multidiscipline.
CZU was empowered to grant master degree in 2003, which proves its alteration from undergraduate education to postgraduate training. There are altogether 18,000 undergraduates and postgraduates, including those in Huaide College, of which more than 1000 are postgraduates. The university has ten subordinate colleges, together with the Sports Department, the College of Continuing Education and Huaide College. Two scholastic domains are authorized to confer master’s degree programs for the superior disciplines, 17 for the subordinate disciplines and 4 for the Engineering Master’s degree. In addition, CZU also provides 45 undergraduate programs which cover six categories ranging from arts, science, economics, engineering, management to law. The university has 6 provincial or ministerial key subjects, 3 provincial superior scholastic teams, 2 provincial key laboratories, 4 provincial engineering research centers, 2 national featured majors, 2 provincial branded majors, 14 provincial competitive (superior) disciplines, 8 provincial model centers for teaching demonstration, and 2 national or provincial innovative bases of experiments for the personnel training patterns of higher education. During the last five years, the university has been subsequently awarded 1 second prize of Advanced Education Achievement of the State and 2 first prizes of Advanced Education & Teaching Achievement in Jiangsu Province. In 2006, the university smoothly passed with merit in the teaching evaluation for the undergraduate.
CZU embraces a team of innovative, explorative and dedicative faculty members amounting to some 1,300, of which 900 are professional teachers, 410 are advanced professionals (in which professors amount to 120 ), 660 masters or above (of which more than 200 are doctors). There are 2 faculty members selected as the state’s candidates of “Millions of Talents’ Projects in the New Century”, 3 the members of the ministerial Advisory Committee for Undergraduate Education, and 2 the members of State Advisory Committee for the Subject Teaching of Security Engineering. Apart from that, 23 faculty members are rewarded by State Council the special bonus of the government, 2 honored the title of “The Model Worker in the Educational System of the State” and “The Advanced Worker in the Educational System of the State”. And there are also 2 honored to be the first leading technologic talent of the juniors and the seniors, 29 the scholastic leader of “The 333 Training Project of Advanced Talent” and the candidates for the junior and senior scholastic leader of “Qing Lan Project” in Jiangsu province. There are 2 provincial innovative teams of technology and 2 superior teaching teams of higher education in Jiangsu Province. With such a preeminent team of faculty, CZU has been twice evaluated as “The Advanced University in terms of Teachers’ Quality Construction in Jiangsu Province”
CZU’s high-quality faculty team assures good developing trends in its discipline construction and research capability. During the last five years, the university undertook or accomplished 25 national and 196 provincial projects with the funds for scientific research amounting to 230 million yuan (46 million per year). More than 90 projects have been identified as provincial and ministerial researches and 37 of them won scientific and technological awards, including 1 second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 second prize of State Technological Invention, and 35 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, including 6 first prizes. Statistics show that the number of patent applications by CZU has ranked the Top 100 among universities in Mainland China. According to Jiangsu Office of Education, in the past three years, the university is in the Top 10% of 122 universities in Jiangsu Province. For its outstanding academic contributions, CZU was twice awarded “Jiangsu Advanced Universities in Science and Technology Work” consecutively, and was selected as the only winner of “2008-2009 Excellent Co-operation Unit of National Intellectual Property Rights Assistance” in Jiangsu province.
The university actively promotes the strategy of international talents training by adhering to an open school policy, as well as attaching great importance to international exchanges and cooperation with the emphasis on Sino-foreign cooperation, academic exchanges and research cooperation. Currently, the university has already carried out international cooperative educations with St. Francis Xavier University, Canada and National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland etc.. Meanwhile, CZU positively serves the country's mainstay industries, local economic construction and social development with its achievements in scientific research. The university has successfully established comprehensive cooperative relationships with Sinopec Group, China National Petroleum Corporation, local governments at all levels and various types of enterprises.
CZU is well equipped with basic facilities and superior school conditions. The university now owns two campuses: Baiyun and Wujin with a combined area of more than 1500 mu(100 hectares) and a building area of nearly 500,000 square meters. The library collects more than 1.2 million books, and the university teaching and research equipment worth 200 million yuan in total. Wujin campus, locating in Changzhou Science and Education City, is surrounded by more than 200 famous universities, colleges and institutions, which greatly enhance the educational quality and scientific research level of the university.
Over 30 years, taking “Responsibility” as the School Mottoes, CZU has formed a school spirit of “Full responsibility in pursuit of excellence”. Since the founding, the university has been benefiting greatly from Jiangsu Provincial Government, Changzhou City Government, Sinopec Group and other units for their support and the deep local culture which lays a solid foundation for the education and teaching. By implementing the “New Model of Engineering Education with High Quality Engineering-oriented”, CZU has cultivated more than 30,000 professional and technical personnel and management personnel for the country. The university has made sound contributions to China’s petrochemical industry, local economic construction and social development.
The university was selected as “Jiangsu Outstanding University School Spirit Unit”, and was subsequently titled of “Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province”, “Civilization Schools in Jiangsu Province”, “Civilized Unit of Changzhou” and “Advanced Unit of Summer Students Social Practice” on several occasions. The beautiful campus is also well-known to be one of the “National Green Units Top 400” and “Jiangsu Garden-style Campus”. Over the years, therefore, CZU’s popularity and reputation has been improving.
2. Changzhou University (CZU) Review
"The university arranges us to visit factories, companies, museums, and historical places in Changzhou and nearby cities to practice our communication skills,that's great." -Emma
3. Changzhou University (CZU) Teaching quality
-CZU has a strong faculty engaging in teaching and scientific research. Among the 1000 full-time teachers, there are 160 professors and 340 associate professors, over 80% have masters or PhD degrees.


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