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Introduction of Wuxi institute of Commerce

1. Wuxi Institute of Commerce (WXIC) Introduction
Wuxi Institute of Commerce (WXIC) is a state-run full-time vocational college geared to fostering high quality technicians for modern service industry. Founded under the name of Wuxi Technical School of Commerce in 1965, it was upgraded to the Honours present status as a vocational college approved by the Cooperation and Exchange People's Government of Jiangsu Province in October, 2000.In 2008 it in Jiangsu province. In collaboration with Nanjing University of Finance and Economics in the "3+2" programme for skillful undergraduates cultivation, the Institute was listed as Jiangsu Experimental Unit for Modern Vocational Education Network Construction Programme.
WXIC, composed of three campuses namely Jiulong, Xihui and Yaowan,covers an area of about 265 acres, with a total building floor space of 300,000 square meters. The total investment of the institute in recent years has reached more than RMB 1 billion. Its well-resourced library holds a print collection of over 800,000 volumes as well as an ample source of digital materials. The campus has 167 laboratories and experimental rooms and 15 technical training centers, of which 5 have been financially sponsored by the central and provincial governments. In addition, WXIC has built more than 160 off-campus training centers and bases for students' training and practice purpose.
Amongst the 500 teaching staff, there are 27 professors,190 associate professors and about 400 masters and doctors.Over 20 staff are credited with Jiangsu Young and Middle-aged Specialist, Jiangsu “333” Project Cultivating Object, Jiangsu Famous Teacher and the Youth Academic Leaders of Jiangsu Project Blue.
The Institute has 15 schools and departments, offering 44 specialties and programmes to more than 13,000 full-time students from almost all the provinces and municipalities in China and 1000 more students for continuous education.Boasting a high pass rate of over 93% in the national vocational accreditation and an excellent employment rate of 99% in the last five years, the Institute was named several times as Jiangsu Excellent Unit in Graduate Employment.
WXIC is the chair unit respectively of the China Higher Vocational Education and Commerce Research Association and Commercial Commission of the Tertiary Technical and VocationalEducation Research Association of China and the founder of theJiangsu School Supermarket. It has sponsored The Third Conference on Teaching-research-production of Higher Vocational Education (organized by the Ministry of Education of the PRC), Jiangsu Provincial Seminar on Group-based EducationPolicy and Jiangsu Onsite Conference On Entrepreneurship Education.
2. Wuxi Institute of Commerce (WXIC) Review
"The Institute holds a variety of cultural fests, student society fests, reading fests and vocational skills contests and competitions.Those are funny ways to learn better abour Chinese language." -Netty
3. Wuxi Institute of Commerce (WXIC) Teaching quality
-2 Jiangsu Excellent Teaching Teams,4 Jiangsu Demonstrative Specialties for Construction and 2 National Awards for Teaching Achievements in Higher Education


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