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CUCAS - China's University And College Admission System - is the official online portal for international students applying to China's universities. CUCAS was set up with support from China's Universities and Colleges to act as an online liaison between international students and China’s universities.
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Now, CUCAS has established partnership with more than 200 Chinese universities in over 54 cities. We have obtained an official authorization letter from each university. Besides, CUCAS has particularly set up a “Fast Track Project”, which means any university who joins this project will guarantee to delivery offer to applicants within two weeks and accommodation is guaranteed as well.

Here, for any local agency from different regions and nations, CUCAS offers a brand-new Agency Cooperation Service. Generally speaking, agencies could recruit international students and then apply for Chinese universities on their behalf via CUCAS, in return, CUCAS will give back commissions due to specific contract. For more details and terms, please contact or call 86-10-82865135.


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