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CUCAS is always dedicated to create top class service to international students who want to apply to Chinese Universities. By using CUCAS service, you will be able to easily apply to top universities in China and find the most suitable programs. Customers are satisfied with the service we provided, and with CUCAS team’s continuous endeavor, CUCAS is getting popular in more and more countries in the world.

The Latest Authentic Student Feedback
CUCAS Service Report 2014

See how your peers feel about CUCAS.
All students involved in this annual survey have applied to China's universities through CUCAS.

95.12% of them ticked "Very Nice" for CUCAS Customer Service Attitude.
96.03% of the students agreed with the option "CUCAS helped me solving all the problems in my application".
71.2% of the students had got the CUCAS Guiding Brochures.
2 out of 3 students agreed that CUCAS processed their cases rapidly, and 98.19% of the students thought CUCAS response speed “Very Fast”.

In general, 94.94% of the students were very satisfied with CUCAS University Application Service



The Gradual Expansion Of CUCAS Global Village
Students who visit CUCAS Homepage come from over 150 countries and regions.
On every continent there are students who have applied to China’s universities through CUCAS. Over the past 6 years, every 32 minutes there was a student who registered as a CUCAS member. By the end of 2013, the number of CUCAS registered users reached over 80,000.
Student Registration Rates in different regions (2008 – 2013)
Southeast Asia: 94.7%
Africa: 63.9%
North America: 32.7%
Mid-West Asia: 30.4%
South America: 22.9%
East Asia: 20.8%
Australia: 19.6%
Europe: 16.9%



CUCAS:The Largest Program Database
CUCAS presents over 30,000 programs offered by more than 200 Chinese universities located in 54 cities in China. On CUCAS, you can find various courses for language students and programs for bachelor, master and doctoral degree.








Reliability As The Soul Of CUCAS
CUCAS identifies itself primarily as a platform to assist international students in application to Chinese universities with the most exact and clearest program information.
CUCAS collects and categorizes COMPREHENSIVE information about courses and enrollment in Chinese Universities
*Easiest Access:
No response from admission offices? No updated information on official websites? CUCAS has the answers!

*Reliable Resources:
CUCAS has a stable working relationship with the admission offices of over 200 Chinese universities.

CUCAS presents PRECISE and QUALITY information only. The dedicated editing team of CUCAS checks every word about program information before uploading. Its staff also regularly contacts with university admission offices and frequently visits the official websites of universities for correcting, confirming and updating relevant information.

TRANSPARENT process of searching programs
*OPTIMIZATION of search results: Based on analysis of searching habits, CUCAS knows best about what programs are most appropriate and enjoyable for international students.
*MANUAL INTERVENTION in its positive sense: CUCAS is an open platform about universities in all possible aspects which can help students to find useful information.

FAIR evaluation of universities in all possible aspect
*Peer Reviews: authentic and honest comments on universities by international students.
*Improving education quality: students can help universities improve their management.



Professionalism As The Core Of CUCAS
CUCAS has redefined SIMPLIFICATION in Chinese university application process based on its professionalism, high efficiency, and rich experience.
Over 80,000 students who recommend CUCAS for its indispensability.
7 steps you NEED to follow if applying through CUCAS:

Selecting programs
Registering a CUCAS account
Filling application forms
Uploading school-required documents
Making payments
Receiving Admission Letters

17 steps CUCAS MUST do for every applicant:
From the very beginning of your application, almost every week you will receive emails from CUCAS containing instant feedback on each and every specific stage of your application.

Behind every e-mail, CUCAS consulting team and student service team are endeavoring to track your case through frequent contacts with university admission offices.

CUCAS will promptly remind you to add outstanding documents or to replace unqualified materials. Otherwise, you could possibly be rejected directly for these reasons without any chance to appeal for yourself.

Once CUCAS receives your admission letter directly from the university, staff will e-mail you a scanned copy of it and post the letter via DHL at the same time for free.

On average, 9 CUCAS staff in total will serve just one applicant only throughout the whole process.



CUCAS helps you to find how much time and money you can save if applying through CUCAS.
TIME saved:
*Consulting with admission offices one by one
*Repeating applications due to lack of documents
*Time difference
MONEY saved:
*Service fee minimum $50, for details, please check,
*Delivery fee $50 to $100,
*Accommodation booking fee $100



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