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CUCAS was founded in 2008, with the faith of helping international students to make applying for Chinese universities easier. In the past decade, CUCAS has helped more than 40,000 international students to apply for universities in China. You may wonder why so many students have applied through CUCAS instead of applying to universities directly, by reading this page you will get the answer.

Most Universities and Programs

When applying for universities to study abroad, the most important thing is to choose the right university and program. You will need to compare different choices before you can make the best choice and find the one that deserves you to spend 4 or more years in it. Services like CUCAS have the advantage of owning a lot of universities and programs online, and among all of them, CUCAS is the one that has most of them.

400+ Universities: CUCAS cooperate with more than 400 universities and colleges in China, and the number is consistently growing every year. From associate colleges to universities, private training organizations to public universities, you can always find the best one you want from abundant choices on CUCAS.

30,000+ Self-sponsored Programs: Thanks to our partner universities and colleges, we have more than 30,000 programs for you to choose. No matter short term summer camp or Ph.D. program, you can always find the one you want.

6,000+ Scholarship Programs: Scholarships are quite attractive for some international students. To make applying for scholarships easier, CUCAS has cooperated with more than 100 universities in China, all of those universities have put their scholarship programs on CUCAS China scholarship platform(Fu Scholarship), and you can easily choose from them and apply.

Besides, unlike other agencies that can only help you to find universities in some regions, CUCAS can help you to choose universities in more than 70 cities in China. From Xinjiang to Shanghai, Heilongjiang to Hainan, you can always find your destinations for your study in China.

Most Trustworthy

Applying for Chinese university is a serious job which you need to find a trustworthy organization to do, CUCAS has been in this industry for more than 10 years, one of the many foundations that keep CUCAS developing is the trust we got from over one million users.

1. Being Accurate: Providing accurate information is the most important thing for an online platform. No matter the date of a program or course schedule of a university, CUCAS team always try best to make it accurate on CUCAS. With consistent work of CUCAS team, more and more programs on CUCAS are now even having more information than the university(example) does. For scholarship programs, you can see the exact amount of tuition after deducted the scholarship amount. To make our information as accurate as possible, our team keep close communication with universities and update thousands of programs every month. That is why users can find the most accurate information on CUCAS.

2. Being Responsible: Being responsible is an important culture of CUCAS team. We know how important a simple application is for a foreign student, and we would like to try our best to make every communication accurate and well; spare no effort to help our applicants to get admission; explain all possibilities that may happen for an application to our students instead of simply promise them with "guaranteed admission" or "guaranteed seat" which is easier to get students; refund all fees that we should refund to a student and never seek for excuses. We believe being honest and responsible is important for any service.

3. Reliable Partnerships: CUCAS is not a university, all programs are provided by our partners, so it is important to cooperate with reliable partners only. Every time before a university or organization wants to join our platform, we make sufficient investigations to make sure that all new partners are legal and reliable to protect our users from unnecessary troubles. Our partners include top universities like Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Wuhan University.

4. Widely Recognized: CUCAS is recognized as qualified partners by most Chinese universities, official organizations as well as international organizations. For example, below is the picture of Liu Limin, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, giving the CEAIE(China Education Association for International Exchange) "Best Partner Award 2018" award to Mr. Zhou Dong of CUCAS in 2018.

5. Most People's Choice: CUCAS gains the most trust from international students and is the most students' choice for applying for Chinese universities online. Every year, more than 100,000 international students register on the CUCAS to join our big family which is consist of more than 800,000 students from over 200 countries and regions; and every year more than 4,000 students submit their applications on CUCAS. We are most people's choice in this industry.

CUCAS is the most trustworthy service for applying for Chinese universities.

Most Affordable

As a company, we do need to maintain our beneficial status, but at the same time, we also insist on providing the most affordable service in this industry. Our service ranges from basic inquiry to one-on-one professional consulting, by providing different level and standard of elaborately designed services, we ensure our service is the most affordable one and meet requirements of all of our users. Below is a chart from which you can learn more:

Services Comparison Between CUCAS and Others
University Price (USD)
Others' Price (USD)
Lowest Application & Service Fee in Advance
0 - 70
50 to 5,000
CUCAS PostPay application allows excellent students to apply for Chinese universities without any advance payment.
Average Application Fee
100 to 1,000
Our application fee is the same with universities in China.
Average Service Fee
100 to 5,000
In most cases, our service fee for your whole application is only about 50 USD.
Scholarship Application Fee
200 to 500
60 to 200
200 to 5,000
We provide the most detailed and user-friendly scholarship information with the lowest price, and our scholarship service fee is refundable.
Accommodation Booking Fee
0 to 50
We help you do this for free.
Airport Pick-up Fee
100 to 300
Unlike a university, we need to rent a car and hire a driver to pick you up. 100 USD is a price almost the same as the cost.
Additional Service Fees After Accepted
100 to 5,000
We don't charge you anymore after you paid all fees when applying.
Hidden Charges
50 to 5,000
We don't have any hidden charges, and the price is so clear on CUCAS.
Admission Package Delivery
0 - 50
0 - 50
The DHL is included in your service fee for CUCAS.
Coupon Available
You can get coupons on CUCAS to save more money.

You can see that our fees are most affordable for all international students, in some cases, it is even more affordable than university; you can use PostPay application to apply for Chinese universities even at when you don't have any money, as long as you are an excellent student, you can get a chance on CUCAS.

Easiest Experience

As an online application platform, one of the most important things is to make online application as easy as possible. CUCAS has been dedicated to not only making the online application process but also the entire CUCAS service easier; we are so proud to say that by using CUCAS, you can enjoy the easiest experience ever. Below are some examples to help you understand how easy our service is.

Some of CUCAS Features that Bring Great Easiness
Sign Up
1.Easy Registration
You can sign up CUCAS in 3 minutes, and it is free.
2.Bind WeChat
You can bind your CUCAS account with your WeChat account(Download WeChat).
Sign In
3.Sign In With Phone Number
You can sign in and retrieve your password with your phone number after you have binded your phone with your account.
4.Sign In With WeChat
After you have binded your WeChat, you can make sign-in even easier. You can scan with WeChat to log in directly and don't need to enter anything.
5.Online Consulting
Unlike the difficulty of getting a simple response from other companies or even some universities in China, you can easily find our counselors' direct contact information online, and you can communicate with them and get fast answers through the way that is convenient for you, for example, WhatsApp, Skype or WeChat. (CUCAS is the first company that shows counselors' contact information online.)
6.Progress Bar
You can see a progress bar through the application process indicating how much you have completed in real-time, it grows simultaneously as you are filling the form, and our system will automatically save what you have filled or uploaded in every 3 seconds.

7.Online Application Form

Unlike other agencies that use the same application form for all universities, which may result that students need to fill the application form again, we know that different universities have different application forms. We convert different and latest application forms into online application forms so that students can easily fill it online and only once.
8.Documents Upload
Uploading application documents is also super easy on CUCAS. When there are templates that you need to fill, you can download it from where you need to upload directly. And our team knows standards of documents well, and we also show you the standard of different application documents directly for your better understanding.
9.Online Payment
It is very convenient to make a payment on CUCAS, besides normal methods like bank transfer, we provide a variety of online payment methods, such as Visa, PayPal, Alipay and WeChat Pay, no matter you are in your country or China, you can find the easiest way to pay online.
Waiting for Result
10.Email Notification
You will receive an email notification each time when your application status was changed. The email conveys all detailed information and delivers it to you in an easy-to-understand way.
11.Latest Updates
After you applied on CUCAS, you can receive not only feedbacks for major status changes such as being accepted or rejected but also latest feedbacks for some middle statuses, for example, some feedbacks from the university like about when the result will be released; those latest updates are not status changes but are also very important for students. You can check the latest updates of your application in your dashboard both on PC and mobile.
12.SMS Message Notification
We know that some students are living in places that the internet is not that accessible, so after you binded your phone number with your account. You can get SMS messages for the latest updates of your application from CUCAS right on your phone.
13. App Notification
By CUCAS Messenger(Download here), you can get free one-on-one CUCAS counselor help and get real-time notifications of your application to Chinese universities right on your phone!
Being Accepted
14.Provide Extra Information
After you were accepted, you will still need to provide more information to make sure you can receive your admission package and get visa successfully, such as confirming address and which embassy you will go for applying for the visa. You can provide that information easily at the right stage on CUCAS.
Admission Package
15.Package Tracking
You can receive your admission package from CUCAS by DHL, and you can see the tracking number and track it easily.
16.CUCAS Guide
It can be difficult for some students to figure out how to arrive university even after they have received admission package. Our team will prepare CUCAS guide for every student, no matter there is a guide from the university or not, to make sure all students get details they want.
Booking Accommodation
17.Online Booking
After you were accepted, you can book accommodation online easily on CUCAS.
Booking Airport Pick-up
18.Online Booking
The same for airport pick-up, you can book airport pick-up online easily as well.
Money Transfer
19.Online Transfer
If you cannot bring money for tuition fee to China or it is difficult for you to transfer money from your country to China, then you can easily do it on CUCAS by online Money Transfer Service.
After you booked CUCAS airport pick-up service, you will meet CUCASer at the airport and bring you to your university directly.
Register In University
21.CUCAS Help
CUCAS also provides the registration service in Beijing. You can book it and then a CUCASer will go to university with you for registration on registration day.

You can compare those features above with other services and then you can see how easy it is for you from signing up on CUCAS till registering in the university. And above is just part of CUCAS features, you can join CUCAS to explore more.

Complete Service

CUCAS provides a complete set of services for international students who want to study in China. By using CUCAS, instead of seeking help from multiple companies or organizations, you can solve almost all the problems in one place. Here below you can see services CUCAS provides:

CUCAS Services
Program Information
University Information
More Information on Study in China
You can find detailed university and program(both self-financed and scholarship programs) information on CUCAS, as well as other useful information.
Face to Face Consulting
Online Consulting
We provide not only free consulting service but also paid consulting service to satisfy the requirements of different students.
Document Verification
Besides, you can also find guidance for application documents on CUCAS.
Application Documents Delivery
Paying Application Fee
Application Result Tracking
Accommodation Booking
Airport Pick-up
Money Transfer
You can understand and finish everything you should do by CUCAS before you come to China.
Pre-departure Tips
Hotel Booking
If you arrive at night you can also contact us; we will try to help you book a hotel near the campus.
Work in China
Job Hunting
We can also help you to seek jobs in China after you graduated.
Language Training
We can also help you to find language training programs during weekends, transfer to a new university (only for good students with convincing reasons) and establish your own business by iAgent platform.

CUCAS has been trying best to provide more and better services that international students need, so even if you need other services not mentioned in above you can simply contact us and we would be glad to help you.

Most Transparent

Most organizations and agencies in this industry don't show key information online, such as price and programs, and they would like to trade "guaranteed admission" at a high price to get benefit quickly. CUCAS, on the other hand, is the most transparent one in this industry.

Transparent Fees & Pricing: CUCAS never hide application fee and service fee of a program. You can see the application fee and service fee of a program on the page of it. So you can know what you need to pay from the beginning, and we don't charge any hidden charges.

Transparent Information: We don't hide any information we know. Our team keeps updating our website to try our best to show you the latest information about Chinese universities, and we even show information that maybe not so good for the conversion rate, we show it only if we think it is important for students, and we never promise students what we can't do, for example, so-called "guaranteed admission" you can see almost at everywhere.

Transparent Policy: Our policies are also clear and transparent; instead of hiding them at somewhere difficult to be found, we put our policies at places where students need to see, for example, the refund policy in the program page and the application process.

We have always been trying our best to explain everything very clearly to all international students before they start their applications and pay any fees.

Most Professional

CUCAS has over 10-years-of-experience in helping international students to apply for Chinese universities. We have helped more than 40,000 international students in the past decade, which has also made us the most professional team in this industry.

Besides the team, our whole service is also the most professional one. Every process is elaborated designed according to our experience and updated in accordance with the latest requirements and policies of Chinese universities.

Both our team and our platform knows exactly what students and universities need so that we can provide you the most professional service that saves your time and money.

We Are No.1

No.1 in Scale of Users: CUCAS has the biggest group of users in this industry. We have over 500,000 registered users, and the number is increasing fastly every day.

No.1 in Website Traffic: Every day, there are more than 50,000 people from the world check information on CUCAS website.

No.1 in Universities and Programs: You can check over 30,000 self-financed programs and more than 6,000 scholarship programs from 400+ Chinese universities on CUCAS.

No.1 in Social Media: We have more than 100,000 fans on our social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and WeChat.

No.1 in Comprehensive Influence: You can see CUCAS on many universities' websites, also the website from which most international students need to buy insurance, and we have more than 3,000 global partners around the world.

Learn And Having Fun

On CUCAS, you can not only get information about study in China but also learn more about China, such as Chinese culture, food, etc. Besides, CUCAS also organize different forms of activities, to help you meet more friends, having fun and even surprises and awards!

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