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China's Comprehensive University

Study in Xiangtan University
Xiangtan University
City: Xiangtan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • It is one of China’s first educational institutes authorized to award master’s degree and is also among the earliest schools approved to enroll overseas students and students of national defense.

  • The disciplines of university cover 9 varieties and form a series of professional groups with peculiar characters and obvious advantages.

  • The library has a collection of 2,426,000 books and 2,846 periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. The scale and administration of student apartment buildings are first-class in China.

  • In the 2005 Challenge Cup Competition, the university won three competitions for first, second and third places.

  • The employment rate remains above 95 per cent.

  • In the past decades, the school has been expanding its exchange and cooperation with over thirty universities in more than twenty countries.


Study in XU
Study in Yichun University
Yichun University
City: Yichun
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • With the coming of the new century, Yichun University (YC) was set up in Yichun City of Jiangxi Province, where Cofucianism has been prosperous long and academy of classical learning had stood in great numbers in Tang and Song Dynasties.

  • The new school covers 1,250 square metres, which is constructed by high standard. After 4 years’ construction, a modern garden-like campus appears in Jiangxi. It is located at the foot of a mountain and alongside a river.

  • YU is made up of 11 faculties.

  • "New Anti-Hepatitis-virus medicine----ursolic acid and its preparation research and development" is one of the "863" plans, the national scientific research plans, and takes the lead in its fields.

Study in YCU
Study in Central South University of Forestry and Technology

  • Currently the university consists of 19 colleges, 2 independent schools and 1 department.

  • The university has 3 post-doctoral programs, 2 discipline-level doctoral programs, 17 sub-discipline doctoral programs, 4 discipline-level MA or MS programs, 46 sub-discipline MA or MS programs.

  • The university has 3 State-level key disciplines, 4 national-accredited key disciplines under the State Forestry Bureau, 9 provincial key disciplines.

  • The university offers 62 undergraduate programs. The university has 7 State-managed degree programs and 9 provincial key disciplines.

  • CSUFT has 1 State-level field observation station, 1 State-level engineering lab, 1 State-level teaching & experiment center, 1 key and open lab under the State Forestry Bureau, 1 provincial- level industrial furniture design center, 3 provincial key labs, 2 provincial-level teaching & experiment centers.

  • Wide academic exchanges and cooperation have been established with about 50 universities, research institutes and enterprises from over 20 countries.

Study in CSUFT
Study in Yan'an University
Yan'an University
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Yanan University is the first comprehensive university established by the Communist Party of China, which is located in the revolutionary holy place of Yanan.

Study in YAU

Comprehensive Universities

A comprehensive university means the university provides a huge variety of different courses, programs. In recent years, most universities in China have many programs so most of them can be regarded as a comprehensive university. So the difference between normal university and comprehensive university seems like only the number of programs. Some popular comprehensive universities in China are: Beijing University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University.
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