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Detailed Information About Duke Kunshan University

Duke Kunshan University
City: Kunshan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Private
Introduction of Duke Kunshan University

Duke Kunshan University, a Sino-American partnership between Duke University in the U.S. and Wuhan University in China, offers a world-class education in dynamic China, culminating in a degree from Duke University and a degree from Duke Kunshan University.

Students will have the opportunity to study and live in both China and the U.S., developing an enhanced international perspective and gaining greater access to global opportunities. 

At this innovative global university, you will: 

  • Earn degrees from both Duke University and Duke Kunshan University
  • Have the opportunity to study and live on two campuses: from Kunshan, China, to Durham, U.S.
  • Learn from Duke-calibre faculty (All courses will be taught in English)
  • Experience liberal arts and sciences education as well as interdisciplinary learning
  • Live and learn on the state-of-the-art Duke Kunshan campus with students and faculty from all around the world
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills, gain valuable insights about China and the world and develop global leadership capabilities that will boost your career prospects
  • Become part of Duke's 170,000-strong global alumni network. Duke Alumni include some of the most influential people in the world: Nobel Prize winners, business leaders, professional athletes and even a US president.
  • Be eligible to receive scholarship support for your studies


The city of Kunshan is situated between Shanghai and Suzhou in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta Region, one of the most developed areas in China. It is a national leader in economic growth and urban development, all without neglecting the rich historical legacy and stunning natural environment that have attracted people to this city for more than two thousand years. Kunshan is less than a 20-minute train ride by high-speed rail to both Shanghai and Suzhou.

The Duke Kunshan campus features state-of-the-art classroom and meeting facilities, extensive library resources, modern student and faculty housing and dining spaces, and excellent recreational facilities. Multi-purpose meeting spaces, break rooms, and study areas allow students to work individually or in groups to review course material, complete assignments, and participate in the vibrant, intellectual life on campus.

A free shuttle bus runs regularly between the campus and downtown Kunshan, offering students easy access to off-campus dining, shopping, recreational centres and an inter-city train station.


  • All applicants will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships.
  • More than 50% of accepted applicants will receive scholarship support.
  • Need-based scholarships are also available for students meeting certain criteria.
  • Scholarship amounts vary up to full tuition coverage.
  • Duke Kunshan is committed to providing financial assistance to the most talented students, regardless of financial situation, in order to enroll the most suitable candidates.
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