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List of Top Urban Universities in China

Study in Shenyang Urban Construction University

The SYUCU is now a full time undergraduate university with registered students of over eleven thousand, providing exclusive degree programs on Architecture Design, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Road Traffic, Project Management, Mechanical Manufacturing, Electronic Information and Art Design.

Study in SYUCU
Study in Beijing Huiwen Middle School
Beijing Huiwen Middle School
City: Beijing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Middle School
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

Founded in 1871, Beijing Huiwen Middle School has a legendary history of over one hundred and forty years. It is a complete secondary school including the senior secondary school section, the junior secondary school section and the international department.

Study in huiwen
Study in Guizhou Medical University
Guizhou Medical University
City: Guiyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

Guizhou Medical University is located in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province. It is called "Forest City" and honored as the “Demonstration City of Ecological Civilization” in China. It is the political, cultural, tourism and transportation center of Guizhou Province. The climate here is pleasant, with unique landforms of Karst. And the green coverage of the city reaches over 85%, ranking the first in the country.

Study in GMU
Study in Wuchang University of Technology

Dear prospective students, Welcome to join us as a WUTer!
Established in 1997, Wuchang University of Technology(WUT)
is a private university approved by the Ministry of Education.
Situated in “Wuhan• Optics Valley of China”, Hubei province,
China, WUT covers an area of about 233 acres with a
construction areas of over 400,000 square meters.

Study in WUT
Study in Wuhan Polytechnic University

Wuhan Polytechnic University, located in Wuhan City of Hubei Province known as a “thoroughfare to 9 provinces”, was founded in 1951. This earliest school that was to cultivate professional personnel for the grain sector was built into an undergraduate institution approved by the State Council in 1980.

Study in WHPU
Study in Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The best university in Shandong for TCM.

  • One among the 7 best traditional Chinese medicine universities in China.

  • Many courses are taught in English, like Traditional Chinese Medicine,Combined Chinese & Western Clinical Medicine, Acupuncture & Tuina, Science of Treatment and Rehabilitation, Body Science of Moving and etc.

  • The university boasts of a strong and qualified teaching faculty.

  • The university has formulated a scientific teaching system in clinical practicing.

  • The living expense in Jinan city (the capital of Shandong Province) is also quite low.

  • All the tutors and professor are well-experienced with good English teaching system.

  • It is situated in Jinan, the "Spring Water City" for its unparalleled spring water. 

Study in SDUTCM
Study in University of Jinan
University of Jinan
City: Jinan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • The university is a young university and it is one of the fastest-growing universities in China.

  • One of the lowest tuition fees of Chinese universities.

  • The living expense in Jinan city (the capital of Shandong Province) is also quite low.

  • All the tutors and professor are well-experienced with good English teaching system.

  • It is situated in Jinan, the "Spring Water City" for its unparalleled spring water.

  • The international student dormitories are providing hotel-style services.

  • A good place for the student who want to learn Chinese with limited budget. 

Study in UJN
Study in Luzhou Vocational and Technical College

Luzhou Vocational and Technical College (LVTC), with approval of Ministry of Education and People’s Government of Sichuan Province, was established as a comprehensive and full-time vocational college for higher education. Apart from full-time higher vocational college diploma education, LVTC involves adult diploma education, Sino-foreign cooperative diploma education and social training, and is qualified to enroll foreign students and employ foreign teachers and experts.

Study in LVTC
Study in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

  • One of the three pharmaceutical universities in China with a history of 50 years.

  • It is located in the well-known and picturesque Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center.

  • A popular institution of higher learning and Chinese training.

  • The campus and the facilities are satisfactory.

  • The campus is huge and the shuttle buses are provided for campus transportation.

  • Wonderful climate and unique food.

  • Be adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau.

  • Study here, you can learn not only the Standard Chinese (Mandarin) but also native Cantonese, which is popular in "China Towns" of western countries.

Study in GDPU

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