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Wenzhou University
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Attribute: Public
Location: Suburb

  • A comprehensive Chinese university.
  • If you study here, you can learn not only the Standard Chinese (Mandarin) but also how to do business with Chinese people, as people from Wenzhou claim to be "China's Jews".
  • The tuition fee is lower than most of its counterparts in China.
  • Part-time jobs on campus are available upon application.
  • Wenzhou is an amazing coastal city in Zhejiang Province.
  • Home-stay or home-visit will be arranged during holidays for students to experience authentic life with Chinese families.
  • Internships with local enterprises can be arranged for students to learn more about Chinese work culture.

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About Wenzhou

Wenzhou (About this sound listen (help·info)) (simplified Chinese: 温州市; traditional Chinese: 溫州市; pinyin: Wēnzhōu Shì; former official name: Wenchow) is a prefecture-level city in southeastern Zhejiang province in the People's Republic of China. At the time of the 2010 Chinese census, 6,642,592 people lived in its built-up (or metro) area made of Wenzhou's city proper (3,039,439 inhabitants in 3 urban districts), Ruian and Yueqing cities largely being urbanized, and Yongjia County conurbated on its southern part. The area under its jurisdiction (which includes two satellite cities and six counties) held a population of 9,122,102. Its coastline opens on the East China Sea; its borders connect it to Lishui on the west, Taizhou on the north, and Fujian to the south. The name Wenzhou, translates to "a mild and pleasant land." Originally known as Yongjia, Yung-chia or Yungkia (Chinese: 永嘉; pinyin: Yǒngjiā), Wenzhou was a prosperous foreign treaty port, which remains well-preserved today. It is situated in a mountainous region and, as a result, has been isolated for most of its history from the rest of the country, making the local culture and language very distinct not only from the rest of China but from neighbouring areas as well. It is also known for its emigrants who leave their native land for Europe and the United States, with a reputation for being entrepreneurs who start restaurants, retail and wholesale businesses in their adopted countries. People of Wenzhou origin make up a large number of ethnic Chinese residents of Italy, France, and Spain.
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