Taiyuan University List

Study in Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The school places great emphasis on cultivation of the students' practice skills and increasingly strengthens the construction of teaching bases.
  • There are 3 subordinate and 12 non-subordinate affiliated hospitals, 7 affiliated hospitals for students' learning and 5 affiliated hospitals for students' clinical practice as well as 8 pharmacy practice bases for different needs.
  • It has established a new pattern of international exchanges and cooperation, which have diversified cooperative targets and forms.
  • The university is a respected, high level university where you can learn the purest mandarin.
  • The living expense in Taiyuan is extremely low.

Study in SXTCM
Study in Shanxi University
Shanxi University
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Attribute: Public
Location: Urban

  • The school was one of the most important cradles of Chinese higher education and a crucial institution for spreading culture, science, and education in Shanxi Province for over a hundred years.
  • The campus, covering a geographic area of 2,066 mu and a floor space of 987,000 square meters, has been awarded the titles of Green and Gardenlike University by the provincial government.
  • With a collection of 3.02 million books and 603 GB e-books in its library, Shanxi University provides teaching and research instruments with a total value of more than 200 million yuan RMB.
  • Shanxi University has increasingly enlarged its international exchanges. It has established intercollegiate relationship with over 50 universities and institutions from different countries.

Study in SXU
Study in Taiyuan University of Technology

  • Taiyuan University of Technology (TUT) was one of the three earliest national universities in China.
  • With the tradition and development of over 100 years, TUT is now a general university with engineering as the major, sciences and technology integrated and coordinate development of multiple disciplines.
  • It is a university that is included in the “Project 211” - the national higher education promotion program for 100 top universities in China.
  • In order to cultivate high-quality creative graduates, TUT has practiced dual-degree and major & minor education modes, admission of top undergraduate for Master’s degree free of entrance exams, Master-PhD joint program.
  • TUT has also been elected as one of the first universities for “Outstanding Engineer Education Project” and one of the first universities for “Creative College Student Education Project” by the Education Ministry.
  • TUT is the very first university in the province that is nominated for the Officer Reserves Selecting and Training Project by Beijing Military Region.

Study in TYUT

About Taiyuan

Taiyuan (Chinese: 太原; pinyin: Tàiyuán [tʰaɪ̂ɥɛ̌n], also known as Bing (并), Jinyang (晋阳)) is the capital and largest city of North China's Shanxi province.[2] At the 2010 census, it had a total population of 4,201,591 inhabitants on 6,959 km2 (2,687 sq mi), from whom 3,212,500 are urban on 1,460 km2 (560 sq mi). The name of the city literally means "Great Plains", referring to the location where the Fen River leaves the mountains. The city is located at the centre of the province with an East-West span of 144 km and a North-South span of 107 km.
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