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About Jinzhong

Jinzhong (simplified Chinese: 晋中; traditional Chinese: 晉中; pinyin: Jìnzhōng) is a prefecture-level city with 3,249,425 inhabitants at the 2010 census in east central Shanxi province of the People's Republic of China. Before 1999, what is now Jinzhong was Jinzhong Prefecture, with its capital at the county-level city of Yuci (Chinese: 榆次; pinyin: Yúcì; Wade–Giles: Yu-tz'u). In 1999, Jinzhong Prefecture became Jinzhong Prefecture-level City, and Yuci County-level City became Yuci District (a county-level district). Yuci district is now part of Taiyuan built up area home to 3,848,151 inhabitants in 2010.
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