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Detailed Information About Xi'an Conservatory of Music

Xi'an Conservatory of Music
City: Xi'an
Level: Ordinary
Type: Art
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Xi'an Conservatory of Music

Established in 1949 and located in the world famous historical and cultural city of Xi'an, Xi'an Conservatory of Music (XACM) is a full-time general institute of higher education specializing in training musical talents. It is one of the 11 independent music colleges in China, and the only higher independent conservatory of music in Northwest China.

Over the 70+ years, XACM has nurtured more than 30,000 high-quality music artists and educators for China and the world, including outstanding musicians Zhao Jiping, Lu Rirong, Qiao Jianzhong, He Hui, Yan Huichang, Lv Jihong, and made outstanding contributions to the promotion of Chinese national music art, the popularization of excellent music works in the world, and the prosperity of China's music culture. It is known as "cradle of music talents in Northwest China", base for research and dissemination of Shaanxi music culture, and the key place for national film and television music creation.

At present, XACM has 4,636 full-time students and 571 faculty members. There are 388 full-time teachers, including 7 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 2 members of the Ministry of Education's Teaching Steering Committee for the Teaching of Music & Dance and Art Theory, 5 outstanding contribution experts of Shaanxi Province, and 10 provincial excellent teachers. Currently, XACM consists of 10 departments: Department of Composition, School of Humanities, Piano Department, Orchestral Instruments Department, Chinese Traditional Instruments Department, Vocal Music Department, School of Modern Music, School of Music Education, Dance School, and Marxism School. Besides, XACM sets direct subordinate units: Northwest National Music Research Center (a key research base of philosophy and social sciences in Shaanxi Province), Advanced Research Institute of The Belt and Road Music Culture, Library, Art Center, Art Museum, Affiliated Secondary School,and Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.. Meanwhile, XACM has many art practice groups, including Symphonic Orchestra, National Orchestra, Xi'an Drum Art Troupe, Qinzheng Art Troupe, Choir.

XACM offers 11 undergraduate programs, 14 second-level master degree programs, covering all 57 major fields of the conservatory. “Art Theory” and “Music and Dance Studies” are two first-level disciplines and also provincial advantageous disciplines. There are 1 national excellent course and 16 provincial excellent courses. Founded in 1982 by XACM, the Journal of JiaoXiang, is a comprehensive music academic journal open to the public in China and abroad.

The conservatory successively won multiple important awards with honor, including Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, First Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress, Gold Award of Verdi International Vocal Competition, Grand Prize for Viola Competition in Italy, First Prize for the International Competition of Double Reed Instruments, Chorus Gold Award of China Music Golden Bell Award, Chinese Gold Record Award, Plum Blossom Prize, CCTV Bel Canto Golden Award and Choral Silver Award for CCTV TV Singer, CCTV TV Dance Grand Prix award for TV Dance Grand Prix award. XACM also attaches great importance to artistic practice and international music culture exchanges. It has established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 30 universities, research institutions and academic organizations in more than 20 countries and regions.

Over the years, XACM has adhered to inheriting and carrying forward the outstanding traditional culture represented by Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty music culture, Northern Shaanxi red music culture, northwest regional music culture and Qin style music culture. Based on the study of historical culture, a group of characteristic disciplines and high-level experts have been developed in the fields of "music history of Han and Tang dynasties", "Silk Road music culture", "Chinese Qin studies" and "Tang music and dance", etc. In the aspect of developing local culture, achievements have been made in "Xi'an drums music" and " folk songs in northern of Shannxi" and "Qin School of folk music" which are all human intangible cultural heritage treasures. Regrading regional culture communication, "Zhao Jiping Music Studio", "Qiao Jianzhong Music Geography and Chinese Music Geography Research Studio" and “Advanced Research Institute of The Belt and Road Music Culture” were founded in XACM.

Facing the future, XACM will fully carry forward with the task of cultivating literary and art talents excellent in both performing skills and moral integrity. It will unite its efforts and forge ahead towards the goal of building a distinctive high-level conservatory that develops in an innovative manner.


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