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Detailed Information About Shenyang Sport University

Shenyang Sport University
City: Shenyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Sport
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Shenyang Sport University

1. Shenyang Sport University (SYTY) Introduction
Shenyang Sport University has undergone dramatic changes since its founding in 1954. Now, as a leading institution of sport training and physical education, we provide world-class athletic and academic facilities on a spacious modern campus. Shenyang Sport University expanded to its new site (spread over 720,000 square meters) in the southern suburbs of Shenyang in late 2006. All amenities are newly built and maintained to international standards of comfort, cleanliness, and utility.
Our university has comprehensive programs that range from producing world champion athletes to training students for a multitude of careers in the sport industry. Departments include Physical Education, Exercise and Training, Chinese Traditional Martial Arts, Management, Kinesiology, and Sports Humanities. In addition, the university has the Post Graduate Department and Affiliated Athletic and Sports Schools.
2. Shenyang Sport University (SYTY) Review
"This university has all kinds of sport facilities.That's so great." -Diana
3. Shenyang Sport University (SYTY) Teaching quality
-503 full time teachers including 58 professors and 160 associate professors.


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