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Detailed Information About Shaoxing University

Shaoxing University
City: Shaoxing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Shaoxing University

    Shaoxing University, approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC in 1996, is a multidisciplinary university growing in both popularity and strength. The history of the University can be traced back to Shankuai Primary Normal School founded in 1909, which Lu Xun, one of the greatest modern Chinese writers and a native of Shaoxing, once supervised as the educational inspector. The University is located in Shaoxing, a historic city widely known for its deep cultural deposits.
    Shaoxing University consists of 3 campuses, namely the Main Campus, Lanting Campus and Shangyu Campus, with the total area of 103 hectares and the total floor space of 530,000 square meters. The University offers 46 undergraduate programs in the following 8 academic disciplines, namely, arts, science, engineering, medical science, law, pedagogy, economics and management. Organized within the University are one independent college---Yuanpei College and 17 Schools: School of Humanities, School of Foreign Languages; LawSchool; School of Education; School of Sports Science; Music School;School of Fine Arts; School of Calligraphy; School of Economics and Management; School of Mathematics, Physics and Information Science; School of Life Sciences; School of Medical Science; School of Engineering; School of Textile Engineering and Apparel Designing; School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Shangyu College; College of Extended Education and etc. The University also has 3 university-affiliated hospitals.
    By 2009, the University's full-time undergraduates total 20,000. Among its 1,700 staff members, there are over 1,000 full-time faculty (117 with doctorate), including 8 guest professors who are academicians with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 138 professors and 382 associate professors. There are 54 academic institutes in the University and the University library boasts a collection of some 2,670,000 books and bound periodicals. The Journal of Shaoxing University is among top 100 in China.
    Shaoxing University always cherishes the opportunities of international exchange and cooperation. So far, the University has established friendly relationships with 25 higher institutions around the world, which results in the exchange programs of faculty and students. The University is also qualified for the admission of the international students. School of Calligraphy is the First Calligraphy Education Base for International Students in Zhejiang Province.
    With the school motto “Cultivating Moral Integrity and Pursuing the Truth”, Shaoxing University aims at expanding educational opportunities and strengthening its academic reputation. The University will make further endeavors to develop itself into a top university of its kind with high prestige in Zhejiang Province to make greater contributions to the regional social and economic development.

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