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Introduction of Shanghai Ocean University

Shanghai Ocean University, formerly known as Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries College,was founded in 1912 and was upgraded to China’s first undergraduate institution of fisheries-Shanghai Fisheries College in 1952. Renamed “Shanghai Fisheries University” in 1985, it finally came to be known as Shanghai Ocean University in 2008. Accommodating more than 12,800 full-time undergraduates, 2,800 full-time graduate students, and over 1,100 faculty and staff, Shanghai Ocean University offers an engaging and supportive academic atmosphere.

As a multi-disciplinary institution, Shanghai Ocean University focuses on the coordinated development of structured degree programs in agriculture, science, engineering, economics, management, and the arts. Known throughout China as one of the foremost schools in the study of aquaculture, SHOU conducts notable research in marine resources development and utilization, genetics and breeding and food processing. It has made important contributions in these areas as well as the fields of environmental protection, species protection, aquaculture and agricultural economics. SHOU strives to equip students with the academic edge necessary to excelling in a competitive international job market both within China and abroad.

Recognizing the importance of international exchange and cooperation, SHOU maintains close partnerships with universities and international organizations from the US, Japan, Russia, Australia, South Korea, as well as regions like Taiwan and Hong Kong. A long-term partner in key international cooperative programs such as the China-US Cooperation Program for Marine Biological Resources, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the Asian Fisheries Society, and the International Center of Living Aquatic Resources Management, Shanghai Ocean University sees global relations as essential to its continued progress as a leading research institution. As early as 1955, Shanghai Ocean University began enrolling overseas students. Today, it regularly accepts international students, including those awarded the Chinese Government Scholarship and Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship.

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