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Detailed Information About Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute

Introduction of Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute

   The school of International Exchange, Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute was founded in 2005. However, it has recruited international students for nearly 10 years. It is the base of the institute to absorb the advanced educational recourses from abroad. It is also the base to cultivate international students. The School of International Exchange well integrates teaching and research. It engages itself in the Chinese language and culture teaching for international students as well as Chinese students of all majors. It undertakes the relevant academic researches as well. It has established a complete set of teaching systems which include language training course, exchange program, and language course for Chinese students towards a certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.
   The school of Internatinal Exchange has seventeen teachers currently, among whom are five professors and two associate professors. They all major in Chinese Language and Literature Pedagogy, and TCFL. Most of them hold master’s degree and some of them have years of experience in teaching Chinese to foreigners in universities abroad.The school is orientated to serving every student. It adopts the teaching mode of “multi-levels and small-scale classes”. Students are organized into three levels including beginners, the intermediate, and the advanced. Each class has no more than fifteen students. A variety of teaching methods are being adopted to cultivate the students’ practical communication ability. The curriculum is well developed by offering subjects including intensive reading of different levels, oral Chinese, listening, newspaper reading, Chinese culture and others. Besides, optional courses such as swimming, Taijiquan, folk dances, etc, are also available. International students will have opportunity to go sightseeing in or out of the city, to participate in varied activities, thus improving their language proficiency in communicating with Chinese people freely.
   With its excellent language environment, qualified teaching faculty and high quality teaching facilities, Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute, will be an ideal choice for study and research. Welcome to Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Language Institute! We believe our school will lead you into a new life.

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