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Introduction of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

    Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (JUST), located in a famous historical and culture city—Zhenjiang, is a comprehensive Engineering University and the only one with “Shipbuilding” in its name. JUST originated from the Shanghai Shipbuilding Polytechnic School that was founded in 1953 and moved to Zhenjiang in 1970. After approval by the Academic Degree Community of State Council, JUST Started to issue Master Degree in 1993. When it celebrated its 40 anniversary, Jiang Zeming, Chairman of CPC and president of PRC wrote the university name—East China Shipbuilding Institute. In 2003, it is renamed into Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. Now there is two doctor program, 14 master programs and 20 undergraduate programs, 10 professional programs and 15 senior professional training programs in the institute now. There are 1500 staffs, including 52 Professors and over 300 Associate Professors and Senior Engineers, 6 Doctor Supervisors, a state approved expert of science and technology, and over 10,000 students. The institute occupies an area of 1576 hectares in three campuses in east, south and west of Zhengjiang respectively, and the buildings cover a floor space of 327,100 square meters of building. The library contains 765,600 volumes. JUST has placed the research as the base of each subject, and formed superiority and special feature on shipbuilding, intellect control, materials, information system, silk worm and so on, that is in the lead and important position in China. JUST has won civilized unit title continuously for 10 years, and it is one of first phase of the provincial excellent spirit construction title. It also won the excellent higher institution in conducting 〈school sports rules〉 in 2000, and nation-wide advanced unit on reforming of logistics socialization. In the social campaign of college students, JUST has obtained eight times in the honor of Central propaganda Ministry, Ministry of Education and the center of the Communist Youth League. Social reforms in logistical department is praised as National Honor Unit. According to the statistics issued by Education Ministry, total sale output produced by the industry which is sponsored by the institute is ranked 22 among all the colleges and universities in the country in 1999.
    Faced with challenges and opportunities in the new century, the institute is using its own favorite conditions to deepen the internal reforms, keep the characteristics of serving shipbuilding industry and widen the scope of service and following the motto “Diligence, strictness, unity and originality” for the sake of building the institute as a top-ranked, nationally-known engineering and technology university in the field of service with its sharp characteristics and vitality.


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