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Detailed Information About Hunan University of Technology

Introduction of Hunan University of Technology

Hunan University of Technology( or HUT) is a comprehensive university characterized by and famous for Packaging Education in China, with a scientific academic training system established in such leading disciplines as engineering, science and technology, management, economics, liberal arts, fine arts, laws and education, etc.

The university was founded in 1958, now having twenty-two colleges and one independent college, providing programs from bachelor degrees to master and doctorate degrees. We have one Special Needs Doctoral Program in green packaging and product security, 59 postgraduate Programs and 60 undergraduate programs. The teaching and academic excellence is marked by one State-Local Joint Engineering Research Centre, one nationally excellent teaching team, 4 provincially excellent teaching teams, one national centre for experimental training, 6 provincial centres for  experimental training, 4 nationally famous featured programs, 12 provincially famous featured programs and 8 provincial key programs.

We have more than 2,500 staff, among which more than 1000 are professors and associate professors, and more than 38,000 students. We have two campuses, covering an area of more than 226 hectares, and a big library of a total space of 3.6 hectares, with more than 2.6 million books in store.

Great importance is attached to international exchanges and cooperation in our university, with cooperation and exchange relations established with more than 80 universities all over the world.

The university is located in Zhuzhou, the second largest city of Hunan Province and the emerging industrial centre and transportation hub of China. It is also one of the National Civilized City, the National Clean City and the National Model City for Traffic Management. It is a modern city, open-minded, inclusive, friendly and dynamic. High-speed train is the trademark of this city.

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