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Detailed Information About Guangzhou Sport University

Guangzhou Sport University
City: Ganzhou
Level: Ordinary
Type: Sport
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Guangzhou Sport University

    Founded in 1958,G.I.P.E is the only higher education institution majoring in sports in South China.It offers three main subjects-Physical Education, Literature and Economics-which include 8 specialties such as Physical Education, Sports Training, Human Kinesiology and Science, Sports Sociology, Traditional Sports Education, Sports Correspondence and Modeling, and Sports Economics. In addition, it has been authorized to award Master's Degrees for such majors as Teaching Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Humanities of Sports and Human Kinesiology and Science. It is not only possesses the national base for the training of sports aerobics, the key national research base for sports sociology, and the "Association of Calisthenics and Gymnastics" for the university students of China under the Ministry of Education, but has also been awarded the honor of hosting the National Training School for Teenagers. It is also entitled by the National Sports Bureau to award qualification certificates for referees and athletes of the highest level. The institution, along with nearly 20 well-known guest professors from both home and abroad, has 251 experienced teachers with academic degrees that include 32 professors, 113 associate professors and several highly respected supervisors for PhD candidates. It has a current students population of approximately 5,000, including over 200 national master sportsman and over 400 first-class athlete degree holders. Reputed for its professional level of teaching, training and researching, G.I.P.E has established an exchange program with over 10 universities in the U.S., Australia, Finland, Malaysia and other countries.

Detailed Accommodation

The school currently has one new dormitory building for foreign students to live in. In each room, there is a private bathroom, an air-conditioner, a desk and bedding. The school features canteens, stores and international telephone booths to cater to the study and living needs of every kind of student.

Student will meet expenses for their water, phone, electricity, gas, meals, medical treatment, teaching materials, scientific experiments, senior year teaching internship and travel. Living in China is generally very affordable. Terms of payment

Single room: US$5 per day plus utilities
Double room: US$3 per day plus utilities

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