Detailed Information About Gansu University of Chinese Medicine

Introduction of Gansu University of Chinese Medicine

    Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (GSUTCM) was founded in 1978. Including 2 directly affiliated hospitals, the number of teaching,administrative and medical staff in university is about 2200, among which 535 are full-time teachers.
    Gansu University of TCM set up 14 secondary colleges, such as clinical college, pharmaceutical college, clinical medicine college, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicines, etc. 2 directly affiliated hospitals, 6 indirectly affiliated hospitals, 47 teaching and internship hospitals and 25 internship bases of other specialties were also established. At present, it has 21 undergraduate majors, 3 characteristic specialties at state level, 3 first-grade disciplines with doctorate granting authority, 4 first-grade disciplines with master’s degree granting authority, 2 training centers for professional degree.
The scientific research focuses on typical medicinal materials from Gansu province, local documents of TCM, common diseases in western China, prevention and treatment of stubborn diseases with TCM and the inheritance of experienced doctors’ skills. There are 5 State Administration of TCM key disciplines, 2 provincial key disciplines, 9 key disciplines in Gansu health care department, and 14 elaborate courses at provincial level. 25 scientific research platforms at various levels and categories have been established, including Education Ministry key laboratory for “Transfer of Dunhuang Medicine”, the first provincial “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of Northwestern Traditional and Tibetan Medicine”, key laboratory assessed by State Administration of TCM, etc. “Center of TCM Cultural Inheritance and Development” has been confirmed as the provincial key research base of humanity and social science, and incorporated into demonstration area establishment planning for Chinese civilization inheritance. The university is also the technical support unit in Gansu province for the Fourth National General Survey of Resource of Chinese Medicine, a leading and guiding unit in Gansu province for the base construction of breeding Chinese herbal medicine seeds and seedlings which are necessary for the state basic medicine.
    Gansu University of TCM is authorized to recruit international students. We have signed medical treatment, teaching, scientific research agreements with Korean Sungshin Women’s University, Ukrainian Bogomolets National Medical University; established exchange and cooperation platform with Moldovan National Medical University. The work for establishment of “Qihuang TCM College” in Ukraine has been carried out. Our university has excellent international reputation for its international cooperative relationships and exchanges in 11 countries and regions, such as America, France, Korea, Ukraine, Australia, etc.
    The university has formed the discipline system which sciences of TCM, Chinese materia medica, integrated Chinese and Western medicines are the mainstay as well as sciences of preclinical medicine, clinical medicine are the support. It is based on the pattern of running school which undergraduate education is the mainstay, postgraduate education and foreign students’ education are the development as well as adult education and continuing education are the supplement.

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