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Detailed Information About Daqing Normal University

Daqing Normal University
City: Daqing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Daqing Normal University

    Da Qing Normal University is a full-time and multi-disciplinary coordinated development ordinary undergraduate college with a feature of teacher education.
The school is located in Rang Hu lu district. There are some distinctive sights around here, such as Lianhuan Lake, Dangdai wetland, Lindian hot spring, prairie racetrack, museum of science and technology in Daqing oil field and the Iron Man Museum.
   Daqing Normal University comprises 14 institutes(departments), offering 36 undergraduate including Russian, English, Chinese as a foreign language, pre-school education, art design, musical performance, nautch, cartoon, arts, painting, visual communication design, DFE, law, marketing, financial management,tourism management specialty, chemical engineering and technology specialty, electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, automation, network engineering, biotechnology and so on. Daqing Normal University has 565 full-time teachers, 222 personnel of senior title, 416 doctors and masters and 10531 full-time students.
    The school is expanding international educational exchanges actively. Starting from 2002, we recruit and cultivate undergraduate students with British, American, Canadian, Russian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Singaporean universities. We have established intercollegiate friendly relations with Russian Far Eastern Federal University Amur Normal University, State-maintained Ukraine Lugansk normal university, Edge Hill University, Eastern Institute of Technology of New Zealand, Edenz College of New Zealand, Da Lin University of South Korea and other institutions. The cooperation field is on exchanging of teachers, students, interns and carrying out academic exchanges and other aspects.

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