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Detailed Information About Dalian Polytechnic University

Introduction of Dalian Polytechnic University

    Founded in 1958, Dalian Polytechnic University is located in the beautiful, romantic and fashionable city- Dalian, and it is the only multidisciplinary university in the northeast area of China where six important disciplines have been developing in a harmonious way, including engineer、literature、management、science ,economics and art; Engineer is its key discipline, light industry、food 、textile and art are all its features. DPU has 18 schools (departments), including 5 key subjects in Liaoning Province. DPU is a project-oriented construction unit for doctor’s degree conferring. It has 3 first-class subjects in the project oriented construction of doctor’s degree conferring ,15 subjects in that of master’s degree conferring, belonging to the four principle categories of technology, science, art and management. DPU has 40 undergraduate program, of which 15 programs are the characteristic ones of Liaoning Province. Fashion Design & Engineer and Art Design are assessed as the A﹢programs, and the two programs have been ranked in the first 5 % among the same programs in China. Besides, Fashion Design & Engineer and Art Design are also a part of the joint-project between Dalian Polytechnic University and University of Southampton, one of the best 100 universities in the world. At present, about 20,000 undergraduates students are studying in DPU, the same is true for 1445 graduates. Around 400 overseas students are recruited each year. Conforming to the internationalization of higher education, DPU has been opening its education to the world. Up till now DPU has established a cooperative relationship with more than 30 universities and enterprises in the USA、UK . France 、Canada、Australia、New Zealand、Japan、South Korea ,etc.

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