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Detailed Information About Chifeng University

Chifeng University
City: Chifeng
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Chifeng University

Chifeng University is a general institution of higher education approved by the Ministry of Education and established with the merge of five institutions in 2003, which provides multidisciplinary undergraduate courses. The university is located in the birthplace of famous “Hongshan Culture”- Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. Chifeng City, boasting a long history, pleasant air, beautiful scenery, unique natural landscapes, rich humanistic resources and profound cultural deposits, is an outstanding tourist city in China. It is located in the center of Inner Mongolia、Liaoning and Hebei province where is the closest grassland to Beijing.

The university has a sound education and teaching management system and is equipped with the departments of Party affairs, administration, teaching support, logistics etc. With 24 teaching schools, the university offers 51 undergraduate programs and some higher vocational programs, covering the 11 disciplines of literature, history, science of law, pedagogy, natural sciences, engineering, agronomy, medical science, management, economics and arts, and it owns the master degree program of “Cultural Relics and Museums” and “Education”. Currently, it has 12,069 full-time students, 7,385 adult education students, 193 international students, and three affiliated units – The Affiliated Hospital of Chifeng University, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Chifeng University, and The Affiliated Middle School of Chifeng University.    

 The university has a strong force of faculty. At present, it has 1,012 full-time teachers, among whom there are 160 professors, 375 assistant professors, 32 postgraduate supervisors, 101 with a doctorate and 486 with a master’s degree, and the teachers with a master’s degree or a higher degree account for 57.9% of the total number of full-time teachers. Its Chinese Language Program shows strong force of faculty as well. Teachers graduating from Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shanghai International Studies University, Nankai University and Communication University of China account for 55.6% of the total number of course teachers, professors and assistant professors account for 22.2% respectively, and postgraduates account for 77.8%.    

The university covers a floor area of 780mu, a planned floor area of 1,800mu and a building area of 230,000m2, with the total value of fixed assets of 0.499 billion Yuan. It has various kinds of professional laboratories, training rooms, computer centers, digital campus networks, gyms, museums, multifunctional halls and other modern teaching and scientific research facilities. The university’s library collects 1,062,000 books and e-books of 7,793.9GB, with eight comprehensive full-text databases. It is a member library of China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS) and a member unit of China Academic Social Science and Humanities Library (CASHL).

To adapt to the development trend of internationalization of higher education, the university actively carries out international student education and applies for Sino-foreign cooperation education programs. At present, it has conducted cooperation in running school with South Korea, the UK, the USA, Sweden, Japan, Germany etc, making full advantage of and giving full play to high-quality educational resources at home and abroad to raise its level of internationalization of school-running. Now, it has 193 international students coming from the USA, Pakistan, Namibia, South Korea, Mongolia, Zambia and other countries. We welcome more international students to join Chifeng University.

Why Chifeng University

  • Government University
  • Founded in 1958
  • Near Beijing
  • Owns 24 Colleges and Departments
  • University has strong faculty with 1012 full-time teachers
  • More than 13054 Chinese and 193 International Students


A City Where Human Existence Can Be Traced Back Almost Ten Thousand Years

Chifeng City, named by the Red Mountain in its northeast corner, is located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Chifeng boasts a long history and a profound cultural background. 10,000 years ago, there were humans multiplied and lived. 8000 years ago, the ancient Xinglongwa people set up "the first Chinese village" and the first seed of human civilization was sowed at here. 5000 years ago, Hongshan culture originated from here.

Chifeng is well-known for its beautiful scenery and unique human landscape. In recent years, Chifeng City stepped up ecological construction and protection, awarded as the national standard-bearer of advanced anti-desertification .Meanwhile; the ecological situation has been improved markedly. In this land, grasslands, forests, mountains, deserts, hot springs, lakes, stone forest can be found.

Chifeng possesses convenient transportation and obvious advantages. It is a transport hub ,connecting Chifeng, the eastern and western area of Inner Mongolia, north-east part of China and the north part of China. There is only 315 km from Beijing to Chifeng. So it is nicknamed as the "back garden of Beijing."

















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