How to Apply Chinese VISA in Iraq

Chinese VISA application guide by country

Basic Documents

  • Passport and ID Card

    The original and a hard copy of the Passport (with no less than six months validity and at least two blank visa pages);
    The original and a hard copy of the ID Card (Both the front side and the back side need to be duplicated).

  • Visa Application Form and Photo

    The completed typewritten visa application form with the autograph of the applicant. Two photographs(48mm*33mm) (one pasted on the application form, one clipped on the passport).

  • Invitation Letter

    The original of the Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit in China(* Please consult the local/provincial Foreign Affairs Office or the Commercial Office for the relevant issue).

Supporting Documents

1) For the Study Visa, the "JW201/JW202","Admission Notice" and the "Physical Examination Record for Foreigner" are also needed.

2) The long duration Visa (with at least 6 months duration of stay) or the Residence Permit in Iraq for the non-Iraqi applicant or for the applicant holding a non-Iraqi passport.


50 USD

Note: No reception of urgent applications.

Bussiness Hours & Location


Mahala: 929,Zukak: 25, Buidling No.: 33, Arasat Al-Hindia, Baghdad, Iraq

Opening Hours:

Normally 5 working days.

Hotline: 00964-7700811360