WInter CAMPStudy in China on CUCAS!
Winter Camp in Beijing
Winter Camp in Shanghai

Top Programs

BLCU One Month Winter Camp
Productive and innovative teaching methods Experience Chinese culture courses Improve Chinese proficiency in a short period
DHU One Month Winter Camp. BFSU One Month Winter Camp. HIT One Month Winter Camp.

Top Universities

Hainan University
Hainan, China’s largest tropical island
Balmy weather and Asia’s top luxury resorts
Coconut palms and gold-sand beaches
Harbin Institute of Technology. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Liaoning University.

Winter Tips

Keep Health in Winter for International
As winter approaching, many international students can’t adapt to North China’s cold temperature. Using TCM knowledge to survive.
Winter Camp in China: Tips 1. Winter Camp in China: Tips 2. Winter Camp in China: Tips 3.
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