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Zhejiang University

"East Cambridge" in China

Zhejiang University, located in a beautiful city Hangzhou, as a prestigious higher education institution, which attracted more and more international students study here. Let's explore the reason about why it's so popular among students.

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Zhejiang University Ranking is on the Rise

As a well-known university, below data about the ranking of Zhejiang University moves up in the past two year. According to the data in QS, its position will still keep rising in .

QS Ranking criteria and weighting

Academic Peer Review 40%

Global Employer Review 10%

Citations per faculty 20%

Faculty student ratio 20%

International Student Ratio 5%

International Faculty Ratio 5%

The (Times higher education) Ranking criteria and weighting

Industry Income – innovation 2.5%

International diversity 5%

Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%

Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%

Citations – research influence 32.5%

ARWU Ranking criteria and weighting

Quality of education 10%

Quality of faculty 40%

Research output 40%

Per capita performance 10%

Key Programs in Zhejiang University
Top 1 : Computer Applied Technology - One of The most Potential Programs
  • The direction of Computer Graphics, Embedded System, and the database etc are on a leading position in China
  • Only one center about Intel Embedded Technology in China located in computer science school of Zhejiang University
  • Its laboratory once evaluated as one of The Best Science Laboratories in China by American magazine”Science”
  • Some outstanding students from computer school get offer from Google, Microsoft,etc famous company
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Top 2 : MBBS- One of the most popular programs
  • Equipped with seven affiliated hospitals, more than 20 research centers, 13 national and provincial key laboratories
  • Some member of National Academy of Science and Engineering devoted to MBBS program
  • National experimental teaching demonstration center for electronics
  • Its degree certificate is accepted by different countries
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Top 3 : Electrical Engineering
  • National one of key disciplines
  • One of the earliest Colleges of Electrical Engineering with awarded doctorates points in the first batch
  • Once school of electrical engineering plays an important role in the national “# 4.5.6. Shenzhou Project( famous National Aerospace Project)”
  • Pete Lau (OnePlus founder) has graduated from the department of electrical Engineering at Zhejiang University
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Top 4 : Applied Mathematics
  • Ranking first among discipline evaluation
  • With strong supports of laboratory equipment
  • One of top recommended programs by alumnus
  • Enjoy good reputation in China
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Study & Living Environment
About City-Hangzhou with over 2,200 years history
  • Which lies 180km south of China's largest commercial center Shanghai and is the one of the most economically prosperous places in China
  • Praised as 'a paradise on earth' by people
  • Admired it as 'the most beautiful and splendid city in the world' by the Italian traveler Macro Polo in the 13th century
  • Hangzhou enjoys a temperate climate with well-marked seasons and has plenty of rainfall, in where summer is hot and rainy, winter is dry and cold.
About Zhejiang University
  • Reputed as the 'East Cambridge' by a famous British Historian, Joseph Needham
  • Offers one of the most comprehensive programs for international students in China
  • With the highest student entrepreneurship rates
Words from International Students
Why students choose to study in Zhejiang University
Reasons from Wil*** ******opher

Zhejiang universoty has a very good reputation and a long history of producing good students. So this is the reasons i wish to study there. Also, Hangzhou is a very beautiful city and located near many other large cities. so Zhejiang university is my ideal university to study chinese..

2 months ago Name : Wil*** ******opher From :United Kingdom

Reasons from Kh******hya

I want to study in the best facility and be able to further my career.

1 month ago Name : Kh******hya From:United States

Reasons from EL*******R

Recommended by friends

2 months ago Name : EL*******RFrom:Sudan

Reasons from Gan**** ****dzai

Because it is one of the top 5 Chinese University and One of the fastest growing university. I would like like quality education that it offers.

2 months ago Name: Gan**** ****dzaiFrom:Sudan

Reasons from Abde**** ****ila

i choose this University because it has many advantages that I was looking matches with my needs .it always been my dream to study in the university like this now i am trying to live my dream by choosing this University.

1 month ago Name : Abde**** ****ilaFrom:Ethiopia

Reasons from ANEES ********** R**MAN


1 month ago Name : ANEES ********** R**MANFrom:Pakistan

Editor's Words
Without entrance examination for studying inZhejiang University

Compared with Peking University, Beijing Normal University,etc, Zhejiang University with no entry test for international students, if the students meet the program entry requirements and submit required application, they will be accepted by university.

Zhejiang University application deadline is earlier than many other China universities

Normally, the application deadline of Zhejiang University is ended before June, some popular programs will earlier ended for the quota limitation, first come, first served.

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