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Why is Top?

Founded in 1895 as Peiyang University and as the first modern university in China, Tianjin University, have accepted more than 2600 international students in over 133 countries and cities for studying in Tianjin.

Reason 1
Tianjin University Ranking

From the point of different global university rankings, Tianjin University normally ranks top 20 to 30 in China although its ranking position has some little fluctuates.

  • QS Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Academic Peer Review 40%

    Global Employer Review 10%

    Citations per faculty 20%

    Faculty student ratio 20%

    International Student Ratio 5%

    International Faculty Ratio 5%

  • The (Times higher education) Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Industry Income – innovation 2.5%

    International diversity 5%

    Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%

    Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%

    Citations – research influence 32.5%

  • ARWU Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Quality of education 10%

    Quality of faculty 40%

    Research output 40%

    Per capita performance 10%

Reason 2
Key Programs in Tianjin University

Which Program Deserves Your Studying?

National key laboratories

State-level engineering research centers

Provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories

Innovation and research groups sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China

Innovation teams sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

Chemical EngineeringApply now
  1. This program always keeping top in the field of Chemical engineering evaluated by MOE.
  2. Selected as the double-first class program in 2018.
  3. Become the first program that certified by IChemE Master Level.
  4. Chemical Engineering united national laboratory is a only first-level national key laboratory which focuses on Chemical Engineering.
ArchitectureApply now
  1. Department of architecture has over 80 years history, which has cooperated with famous foreign universities.
  2. As a symbol building of Tianjin University and a protective historical building in Tianjin,No.9 teaching building has experienced 7.8 magnitude Tangshan Earthquake,which shows the attitude of rigorous for building it.
  3. Famous alumna, include Li xinggang, as the China’s chief designer of national gym (Bird's Nest), Deputy chief architect of China Architecture Design & Research Group, who graduated from Tianjin University Architecture program.
Optical EngineeringApply now
  1. Formerly founded in 1952,school of this program were equipped with different national key labs.
  2. This program belongs to School of Precision Instrument & Opto-Electronics Engineering, the employment rate of graduate students is up to 99.5%, and students enjoy higher reputation in the jobs.
Urban and Rural PlanningApply now
  1. Belongs to department of Architecture, this program focuses on city comprehensive planning and regional planning.
  2. With the development of urbanization in different countries, students who choose for this program can put what he learned into practice.
  3. Strong academic atmosphere and practical abilities of teachers
Hydraulic engineeringApply now
  1. Ranks top 5 in China, Hydraulic Engineering listed in first batch of national level key program.
  2. Students who study for master and doctoral degree of this program will have more advantages.
Reason 3
Study & Living Environment
About City- Tianjin
  • Tianjin, a coastal city, which nears to Beijing. Only 30 minutes high speed rail between Beijing to Tianjin.
  • Tianjin Eye, as a Ferris wheel in Yongle bridge, which is the only ferris wheel built on the bridge in the world.
  • The first television, first telephone, first camera, first automobile engine, first wrist watch were produced in Tianjin.
  • Tianjin dialect is very funny, the dialect of different districts is different, like in Wuqing district, Hongqiao district, Ji county etc, which shows each place has its own way of supporting its own inhabitants. If you have chance to make friends with people of Tianjin, you may feel it by your heart.
About Tianjin University
  • Founded in 1895 as Peiyang University and formerly known as Beiyang University, Tianjin University is the first modern university in China.
  • Reputed as a garden-like school, Tianjin University has 3 campuses, which is Beiyang campus, Weijin road campus, Binhai campus separately.
  • Tianjing University adheres the attitude of down-to-earth and innovation for teaching.
  • Many famous alumni graduated from Tianjin University. Like Cui kai, the vice president, chief architect of the Architectural Design Institute of China now. Li xinggang, as one of the Capital Planning Commission experts, etc.
Reason 4
Words from International Students
Why students choose to study in Tianjin University
Reasons from Chi **e

I choose Tianjin University for my Master studies because the school’s main foci on parametric design, urban development as well as architecture practice at partner companies. Since high school I have been enthusiastic about the construction of buildings. In my studies I finally got to learn how supporting structures work in architecture. Not only am I fascinated by the esthetics but also by the variety of construction methods. In my opinion, a good building depends on the visual concept, but more importantly structural analysis determines if a building performs well or not. In my view, using construction as a parameter for designing is a fascinating approach. Tianjin University offers courses in parametric design which is an advanced level of working with structure and algorithm to design digital models. This is a great opportunity to broaden my abilities for structural understanding and software skills. Moreover, I am keen on doing more research on the issues of urbanization and digitalization. I find it quite interesting that these two topics will in the future be strongly interwoven. I participated in lectures from one of my professors in Berlin who specialized himself in smart cities. His talk ‚Dance with the devil – Humans and Robots in the urban context‘s deals with rapid urbanization and with the social question of ‘How much digital dependence in people’s life is too much?‘. On the one hand, we need technology in our daily routine but on the other hand, there is the risk of machines taking control of our lives. The world population in the cities tends to grow sharply. Therefore, a lot of challenges arise, for example the megacity Beijing has to deal with air pollution, long traffic jams and crowded public places. Additionally, high demands for housing is a worldwide major problem in mega cities as well. To me it is very interesting to approach this request with the help of intelligent digitalization. How can we meet the high demands of housing arising in mega cities? Is it feasible to produce high quantity without losing quality of customizing houses for people. My question is whether it is possible to manufacture high quantity at low prices. Tianjin University puts the focus on urban development in the design studios which is a controversial topic I am really interested in doing more research on. Furthermore, what I personally like most about the school is that Tianjin University maintains contact with international partner schools and architecture design companies. Through the close exchange with other universities the teachers can constantly improve teaching methods with other associates and help the school to develop. In my view, it is a great opportunity for the students to experience the working environment in architecture firms. The arrangement of design practice at partner architecture companies is a great assistance of the school for the students.

4 months ago Name : Chi **e From : China Taiwan

Reasons from Kom******khail

Tianjin University is one of the leading and respectable higher education institution in People's Republic of China. Economic and political ties between Russian Federation and People's Republic of China getting stronger with every year and my opinion that We – people of both countries, like a good neighbors, have to understand each other as we getting closer. And the first step to understanding is from studying each other’s cultures, and the first key stone in every culture is its language. I’ve chosen Tianjin University because of University’s excellent reputation, reasonable prices for education and comfortable accommodation. It will be a great honor for Me to study Chinese Language in Tianjin University.

2 months ago Name : Kom******khail From : Russian Federation

Reasons from Ikh**** **mal

1)One of the best universities in Tianjin, teachers and professors are very skilled 2)Campus buildings are very beautiful, lakes and a big central square 3) There are a lot of organizations and social clubs as well as sport training sessions.4)A lot of foreign students to communicate with. 5) Education fee is very affordable.

3 months ago Name : Ikh**** **mal From : Kazakhstan

Reason 5
Editor's Words
Top programs taught in English

In order to develop itself as a international university, Tianjin University offers different English taught programs.

Air quality about Tianjin City

Comprehesively, the air quality in Tianjin is good but except in some winter days. Students who can take some measures to reduce its influence,like take wear mask etc.

The season of Malus spectabilis

Each April, the season of Malus spectabilis attracted ten of thousands of people come to visit for its beauty.