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Shanghai University, as one of top “211 Project” Universities in Shanghai, which was rewarded as “Demonstrative base for studying abroad in China” and have cooperated with over 133 foreign higher education institutions located in 37 countries and regions, and created 5 Confucius Institutes in North America, Europe, Asia areas. From now on, there are more than 4110 international students studying in Shanghai University.

Reason 1
Shanghai University Ranking

Shanghai University has enter top 15 in China in 2018 by QS ranking, which is expected to enter into top 10 in China.

  • QS Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Academic Peer Review 40%

    Global Employer Review 10%

    Citations per faculty 20%

    Faculty student ratio 20%

    International Student Ratio 5%

    International Faculty Ratio 5%

  • The (Times higher education) Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Industry Income – innovation 2.5%

    International diversity 5%

    Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%

    Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%

    Citations – research influence 32.5%

  • ARWU Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Quality of education 10%

    Quality of faculty 40%

    Research output 40%

    Per capita performance 10%

Reason 2
Key Programs in Shanghai University

4 national first-order key disciplines: Ferrous Metallurgy, Mechatronic Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, and Sociology

Which Program Deserves Your Studying?
Ferrous MetallurgyApply now
  1. Ferrous Metallurgy is one of national key programs.
  2. A good choice for students whose home country have great development potential in the field of metallurgy
  3. One of presidents of XJTU, HU Hongli, who graduated from Department of Power Engineering and now acts as the vice president of Chinese Society of Power Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringApply now
  1. Mechanical Engineering listed as one of “Double-First”Class disciplines, which means its strong basic education quality and future development emphasis are all in this program, also its professional direction determined by university.
  2. Top recommended by students.
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Apply now
  1. Special geography location of university brings more benefits for students studying this program.
  2. The most popular degree program for international students through CUCAS
Chinese Studies and related programsApply now
  1. China studies,China history program offers English taught which can better help international students known more about Chinese culture easily.
  2. Strong teachers and complete academic team
Reason 3
Study & Living Environment
About City-Shanghai
  • The gathering place of traditional Chinese culture and modern culture.
  • As one of top developed cities in China, the GDP of Shanghai ranks top one among China cities , ranked second among Asia cities which is only next to Tokyo in 2015. Shanghai is a famous finance center around the world.
  • The weather in Shanghai is comfortable- Moderately humid climate with short spring and autumn,loner winter and summer.
  • Except Mandarin Shanghai dialect is also widely used in people’s daily life, which is a very active language. Students who studied in there will have chance to acquire a Chinese local dialect- Shanghai dialect.
About Shanghai University
  • As“211 project”University, which was selected as one of Double-First class universities.
  • The total volume of books ranks top 3 among universities in Shanghai.
  • Three campuses of Shanghai University: Baoshan Campus,a new campus with good environment and advanced equipment; Yanchang Campus, located in downtown area; Jiading Campus, quiet environment where are very suitable for studying.
  • Proportion of men and women in school is about 1:1
  • One of featured activities, Chrysanthemum Festival, which has hold 10 times in past years and helped students know more about Chinese culture.
Reason 4
Words from International Students
Why students choose to study in Shanghai University
Reasons from SEO *** Won

I studied IGCSE and IB in Shanghai and had many friends from Shanghai University. Therefore, I had chances to visit the University several times. I really like the Metropolitan look of the University and the environment there. Also, I heard many good things about the Univ. from my friends. Another reason is the recommendation from my father. My father worked for an international company called POSCO in the mainland and some of his co-workers were from the Shanghai University. I would love to study at the Shanghai University because of the positive comments from my friends and my father. In addition, since I lived in Shanghai for around 8 years, I am very familiar with the transportation, language, and environment of Shanghai.

3 months ago Name :SEO *** Won From: South Korea

Reasons from Kasule **** Nasser

A family member had a wonderful experience there.

2 months ago Name : Kasule **** NasserFrom : Poland

Reasons from Bore ***** Loeland

Shanghai university is one of few universities in China offering international relations taught in english. I have friends who have enrolled here before and were highly satisfied with the teachers and material. Their website is well organized and easy to navigate. My impression is that this over all is a good choice for a masters in China.

4 months ago Name : Bore ***** Loeland From : Norway

Reasons from Bao Aurélie ***** ** Xing

already Been there for 3 months for my professional objectives Global Local MBA

6 months ago Name :Bao Aurélie ***** ** XingFrom : France

Reasons from **** Junias

Shanghai University has always been appealing to me from the time i heard about it. The quality of education, cultural diversity and marketable alumni, make it therefore not only a dream destination but the best institutions for me to further my studies in mechanical engineering. I strongly believe that through studying at Shanghai University I'll attain great experience and therefore marketable. In addition, I'll be living my childhood dream of learning in one of the greatest universities in Asia, in one of the greatest cities in the world.

3 months ago Name : **** Junias From : Botswana

Reason 5
Editor's Words
Features of Shanghai University

Panchi (泮池)in Baoshan Campus is very popular, also known as “lover’s lake” ,which is a good place for dating.

Heijie( 黑街)means one street fulls of various delicious snacks which located in west gate of Baoshan Campus, it only opens for business in the evening and becomes the good partner of students in the night.

Popular schools of Shanghai University

School of Arts is very popular among students for its outstanding internationalization level , as one of top 10 art schools in China, which formerly known as Shanghai Art higher college founded in 1959 and cultivated many excellent students, like Yifei Chen.

Shanghai University Film Academy: In 2015 as the first president of Shanghai University Film Academy, Kaige Chen, who once directed the famous movie, Farewell My Concubine.