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Shandong University,founded in 1901. Its medicine school can track back to 1864 and that is the beginning of Chinese higher medicine education.There are 15 programs in Shangdong University have entered into top 1% of ESI, and cooperated with over 170 foreign universities for strong itself. There are over 3400 international students study in here.

Reason 1
Shandong University Ranking

Shandong University is always in top 30 among Chinese Universities.

  • QS Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Academic Peer Review 40%

    Global Employer Review 10%

    Citations per faculty 20%

    Faculty student ratio 20%

    International Student Ratio 5%

    International Faculty Ratio 5%

  • The (Times higher education) Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Industry Income – innovation 2.5%

    International diversity 5%

    Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%

    Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%

    Citations – research influence 32.5%

  • ARWU Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Quality of education 10%

    Quality of faculty 40%

    Research output 40%

    Per capita performance 10%

Reason 2
Key Programs in Shandong University

Which Program Deserves Your Studying?

Mathematics and Applied MathematicsApply now
  1. School of Mathematics is one of the earliest school in Shandong University, formerly known as the school of science, National Qingdao University founded in 1930, now this program has become a national level key disciplines./li>
  2. The mathematics program ranks top 6 in China.
  3. Strong teacher resources: with 51 professors and 44 associate professor, includes Peng Shige,the Founder of Financial Mathematics in China etc famous teacher.
  4. Training base for mathematics learners.
  1. School of Medicine is the oldest school in Shandong University, whose formerly was the main part of Shandong Medical school.
  2. Good study environment, famous Chinese writer,Laoshe (老舍)l once called which is“Natural Park”.
  3. MBBS program influence has entered into top 1% in the world.
  4. Cooperated with foreign advanced medicine institutes like school of medicine university of Toronto, University of Nebraska Medical Center,Baylor College of Medicine etc, to develop each other.
  5. There are four direct affiliated hospitals and three non-subordinate affiliated hospitals and 11 hospitals for teaching and internship.
Chinese language, Chinese language and literature Apply now
  1. Chinese program was founded in 1901 until now which has a longer history.
  2. Many famous writers graduated from here, like Zangkejia who graduated from national Shandong University, Wang wenzhang, as the vice minister of culture,who also graduated from Shandong University Chinese department.
  3. Chinese language and literature ranks top 5 in China on the overall Level of National First - Class Disciplines.
  4. Shandong, a historical city, which can better help students learn more Chinese culture and history.
Material Science and Engineering Apply now
  1. Founded in 1952, located in Jinan “The city of spring”, materials of science become more popular among students.
  2. This program ranks top 92 in global by ESI in 2012, which means Materials science has become a world-class program.
  3. This program join in a series of national important projects, like “973 project”, “863 project”, etc., which means students have more internship chance.
  4. Equipped with national-level key lab, provincial level key labs etc which values are more about one hundred million.
Reason 3
Study & Living Environment
About City-Shandong, a historical city
  • Birthplace of Confucian culture, the founder of Confucianism is Confucius (孔子)who lived in Shandong Qufu, another people Mengzi( 孟子)who also from Shandong.
  • Shandong is the home of the temperate zone fruits in China, the average temperature is about 11 to 14 degree Celsius.
  • Shandong hold several activities like The tenth Chinese Art festival,the Eleventh Sports Meeting, the 3rd Asian Beach Games, APEC meeting of trade ministers,International Congress of Historical Sciences etc.
  • As Chinese people known, Shandong province have the second largest population in China, local higher education in Shandong is very strict, senior high school student should have higher grades in national College Entrance Examination will have more possibility to be accepted by famous university.
  • Taishan Mountain (泰山) is the most famous scenic spot in China, which reputed as“the No.1 mountain” and people in ancient time regarded it as the “sacred mountain”. Now, people like to climb the Taishan for see the sunrise.
About Shangdong University
  • Founded in 1901, Shandong University has developed a comprehensive university in China through more than one hundred year development.
  • Shandong University located in three cities of Shandong, include 8 campuses, which is Jinan campus, Hongjialou campus, Baotuquan campus, Qianfushan campus, Software park campus, Xinglongshan campus and Qingdao campus, Weihai campus.
  • Listed as one of universities of “985 project” and “211 project” and also ranked into “Double-fist class disciplines”.
  • Strong teacher resources, include Peter Grünberg, Nobel Prize winners in physics; Yan Mo, graduate student tutor who won Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012 etc.
Reason 4
Words from International Students
Why students choose to study in Shandong University
Reasons from Alsou** **** Ali

I am trying to study the Economic Law in China, due to the fact that china is the up coming economic superpower and the world has to accept this fact sooner or later. I think Chinese rules will apply on many economic ventures in the future, and I am fascinated by the Chinese economic model. I chose Shandong University because of its reputation and its location which will help me understand the Chinese culture which I am very interested in and already studying it.

4 months ago Name : Alsou** **** Ali From : Denmark

Reasons from Kab** **** ***han

I want to study in this university because I want to start my career as a skin specialist. I have been through a lots of ups and downs to finish my medical studies as my mother was a renal failure patient and I had to stay with her and take care of her all the time. After I pass the M.B.B.S I worked in National Institute of Kidney, Dhaka as a medical officer in dialysis unit as I was dying to help the dialysis patients because I know their sufferings. This masters degree will open another path for me.

2 months ago Name : Kab** **** ***han From : Bangladesh

Reasons from Keor**** ***ne

Shandong University is a higher learning institution open to the world.It is one of the high-ranking universities whose development is given priority by the state, therefore as an international student it will be such an honor and once in a lifetime experience to be part of a well reputable institution .The university is an important education base for me as an international student.It has a wide range of programmes offered both in English and Chinese language.Studying at Shandong will help me to be a diverse and professional individual as i will be able to network with other students from multicultural communities,with professors of high knowledge and skill.The programme i have chosen will help me in enhancing my career development.The extracurricular activities offered at the university like cultural and sporting activities are so fantastic and one cannot resist to be part of this community.Lastly as a student i would also like to play a role in the academic progressiveness of the university.

3 months ago Name : Keor**** ***ne From : Botswana

Reasons from Weldema** ** **dey

First i like the field Financial Mathematics and next, i would like to know the culture of china and the language Mandarin.

3 months ago Name :Weldema** ** **dey

Reason 5
Editor's Words
The characters of people in Shangdong

In China, people from Shandong are welcomed for their honest and kindness, they are enthusiastic for foreigners.

Local famous snack

Shandong Pancakes(山东大煎饼), which is very popular for people from north of China. If you have chance to study or visit in Shanding, I am sure "Shandong pancakes deserve your tasting."