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Nanjing University, whose history can be tracked back to Sanjiang Normal University founded in 1902, after several years development, which has developed and ranked top in different fields. As one of the top “211 projects” & “985 projects” , there are over 3200 international students study in Nanjing University.

Reason 1
Nanjing University Ranking

Above data shows Nanjing University ranking is still keep grow no matter in China or in Asia or in Global

  • QS Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Academic Peer Review 40%

    Global Employer Review 10%

    Citations per faculty 20%

    Faculty student ratio 20%

    International Student Ratio 5%

    International Faculty Ratio 5%

  • The (Times higher education) Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Industry Income – innovation 2.5%

    International diversity 5%

    Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%

    Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%

    Citations – research influence 32.5%

  • ARWU Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Quality of education 10%

    Quality of faculty 40%

    Research output 40%

    Per capita performance 10%

Reason 2
Key Programs in Nanjing University

 1 national laboratory

 7 national key laboratories

 8 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education

 4 MOE key bases for research in humanities and social sciences

 3 disciplines rank No. 1 nationwide

Which Program Deserves Your Studying?
Chinese language and literatureApply now
  1. National first-level program
  2. Ranks top 5 in China for studying Chinese language and literate
  3. Special historical city for language learning, Nanjing , six China ancient dynastic, in where provides special environment for studying Chinese and gathered traditional Chinese culture.
  4. Teachers' varied teaching styles enliven class study atmosphere and students class reaction
AstronomyApply now
  1. Ranks No.1 in the 2017 by China MOE academic evolution
  2. Cradle for training talents in the field of astronomy
  3. Purple Mountain Observatory is located in Nanjing, which represents the start of China astronomy
  4. Experts of this program also hold important position in international or foreign institutes
  5. Cooperated with foreign excellent astronomical research institutions for academic development
Physics Apply now
  1. Founded in 1920, which is one of the earliest universities that opens Physics program
  2. This program won the first prize of National Natural Science, which is first independently completed by higher education institute.
  3. Graduates with higher reputation in the same field
  4. Top recommended to students who are interested in Physical program by school teacher and alumni
GeologyApply now
  1. National first level and ranks top in China
  2. Teachers with strong education level
Reason 3
Study & Living Environment
About City-Nanjing
  • Cultural background: As one of birthplaces of Chinese civilization and one of four ancient capital cities in China, there are six ancient capitals once located in Nanjing.
  • Economy development: Located in The Yangtze River Delta economic zone and near to Shanghai, geography advantage bring more benefit for Nanjing’s economy development.
  • Weather:Subtropical humid climate, Nanjing, which with four seasons clearly and adequate rainfall and sunshine. Air condition is good.
  • Education: As one of three centers for higher education institutions, there is 12 top universities in Nanjing, whose comprehensive strength ranks top 3 in China, second only to Beijing, Shanghai.
  • Food: Nanjing is a symbol place of Chinese snacks, which mainly gathered in place of Jinling, Laomendong (老门东),Confucius Temple(夫子庙), Lion Bridge(狮子桥)etc.
About Nanjing University
  • Founded in 1902, Nanjing University has a longer history and deep cultural foundation
  • There are three campuses of Nanjing University, which equipped with advanced teaching facilities.Nanjing University library is the one of the most beautiful libraries in China.
  • Keep close relationship with international top higher education institutions . China-America cultural research is co-organized by Johns Hopkins University etc.
Reason 4
Words from International Students
Why students choose to study in Nanjing University
Reasons from ALKHARB*** ***** *** MOHAMED

History of this university, Logic tuition fee,suitable climate conditions, friendly and sociable people . - Recommendation of my father who knows Nanjing very well.

2 weeks ago Name : ALKHARB*** ***** *** MOHAMEDFrom : Libya

Reasons from Ama*** ***dy

I was studied chinese language before in Nanjing university in summer 2015 for one semester. And i had a good experience studied in this university. I taught by a good teacher, the way they taught chinese was good, i can understand chinese for beginner. They really help me to learn chinese in a easy way, and i felt excited to learn chinese language. And also i like the environment around nanjing university. That's why now i want to go back to study more about chinese language in this university.

4 months ago Name :Ama*** ***dy From : Indonesia

Reasons from Fa** **son

This is one of the best medical universities in China and I believe it would give me the best opportunity to be a successful physician in the future.

3 months ago Name : Fa** **son From : United States

Reasons from Sco** ****tain

When I first came to China and explored the city the Xi'an, I knew I wanted to learn more about Chinese culture. Things are different in a way that is appealing (especially in contrast to what I was used to in the Southeastern United States). From my experiences teaching English at WEB International English Language School, I learned how highly the Chinese people regard education. Because I want to learn how to speak Mandarin and delve deeper into the meaning and history behind the superficial glance I had of Zhong Guo, I think I will excel in the graduate China Studies program offered by Nanjing University.

5 months ago Name : Sco** ****tain From : United States

Reasons from Nii-*** ***anuel

I have chosen to pursue a master's program in China, Nanjing University because of its a home to many nation talking about its outstanding faculties and research facilities emphasis on a collaborative learning environment, flexibilities in curriculum, study aboard opportunity, global perspective to various key issues as well as environment flexible to all nations irrespective of religion. I am eager to challenge myself in such a setting and learn from renounce professors such as Yabin Du, Hui Lin, and many more. I have the passion of being a multilingual which i will take this opportunity to learn your international language, culture and experience some of the beautiful traditions. I also hope to be part of dynamic culture that will give me a leading edge to work effectively and efficiently in diverse teams and situation.

7 months ago Name : Nii-*** ***anuel From : Ghana

Reason 5
Editor's Words
Many top programs taught in Chinese

Students who want to apply for Chinese taught program study semester Chinese language will help you improve your admission rate.