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Why is Top?

Beijing Normal University, was founded in 1902, and then changed into Beijing Normal University in 1923, which become the first normal university in China history, whose predecessor is the Normal College of the Imperial University of Peking.

Reason 1
Beijing Normal University Ranking

Beijing Normal Universty is Expected to Enter Into Top 5 in China & Enter Into Top 150 in the world.

  • QS Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Academic Peer Review 40%

    Global Employer Review 10%

    Citations per faculty 20%

    Faculty student ratio 20%

    International Student Ratio 5%

    International Faculty Ratio 5%

  • The (Times higher education) Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Industry Income–innovation 2.5%

    International diversity 5%

    Teaching–the learning environment 30.5%

    Research–volume, income and reputation 30.0%

    Citations–research influence 32.5%

  • ARWU Ranking
    criteria and weighting

    Quality of education 10%

    Quality of faculty 40%

    Research output 40%

    Per capita performance 10%

Reason 2
Key Programs in Beijing Normal University
Beijing Normal University has became many training bace from different parts.

Two bases for talent training in the field of scientific research national art basic disciplines

Five bases for talent training in the field of national engineering basic disciplines

Ministry of Education "Training Mode innovative experimental areas": 5

National Experimental Teaching Demonstrating Center: 3

Which Program Deserves Your Studying?
Pedagogy/Education Apply now
  1. One of The earliest programs that can grant master degree of pedagogy, phd degree of pedagogy
  2. Mingyuan Gu, president of China Education Association, is one of professors about teaching pedagogy
  3. Pedagogy program employment rate is up to 100%
  4. About 97% experts hold PHD degree
  5. Important base for training China higher school president and teachers
Psychology Apply now
  1. The first psychology school in China higher education institutions
  2. Psychology program ranks top 1 evaluated by China ministry of education
  3. The orientation of Psychiatry and Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior rank top 1% of ESI
  4. Program Professionals who were in important position in international and national institutions, like IUPsyS former president, Mr.Zhang houcan, former president of Chinese Psychological Society, Mr Lin Chongde
  5. Psychology college and Asian Association of Social Psychology co-host Asian Journal of Social Psychology
Chinese Language and LiteratureApply now
  1. Above 400 international students have pursue studying Chinese language degree in here.
  2. College of liberal arts has more than 100 years of history, its plays a leading role in national language and literature development.
  3. Literature writing and training writer are the feature of this program. Yan Mo, Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012,graduated from here.
  4. Its will be developed as a center for national language innovation and consultation, a center for Chinese literature research and international communication and a center for developing and promoting Chinese Language and literature education.
China HistoryApply now
  1. One of national first-level key programs
  2. History program is the earliest program that acquire doctor degree of history in China
  3. Taught by well-know professionals like He ziquan, Guo shuduo, Michael Lau, Chen Qitai, etc. who are well know in education industry
  4. Students can acquire China history knowledge systematically and in an innovative way
Reason 3
Study & Living Environment
About City-Beijing
  • Once it was the capital of six dynasties, now which is the modern capital of China. You can feel the traditional Chinese culture and modern civilization in here
  • A unique city that hosted summer Olympic Games and will host winter Olympic Games
  • One of centers for higher education institution, above 90 universities located in Beijing
  • As a plural city, in where you can feel 56 diverse ethnic cultures and experience different cultural integration
  • Beijing's climate is typical continental monsoon climate characterized by hot and rainy summers,cold and dry winters. In winter somg days, people always take some measures like wear a gauze mask in winter to avoid inhaling smog, which can help a lot to some degree.
About Beijing Normal University
  • As one of the nation’s first ten key universities, its strong teaching facilitires and rich teaching experience can guide students study more efficiently.
  • Students activities are very rich in different learning stages.Its motivated learning atmosphere and provide a better study environment for students
  • BNU have cooperated with nearly 300 universities and research institutes from more than 30 nations and regions for developing education.
Reason 4
Words from International Students
Why students choose to study in Beijing Normal University
Reasons from Ri*** ***annes

The summer program at Beijing Normal University was recommended to me by my Chinese teacher at the Confucius Institute at Free University Berlin. And I could not imagine a better place to study Chinese language over the summer than at the heart of the capital. The structure of the program, with its serious learning effort on the one hand, and the cultural immersion activities on the other hand, are particularly convincing.

4 months ago Name : Ri*** ***annes From : Germany

Reasons from Ti** **an

Bei Jing Normal University offers Business and Sociology, two of my preferred majors. I wish to study in Beijing to know more of the Chinese culture. I hope to return to my country and contribute in the business or journalism sector in future but to have more knowledge to do so, I would have to study this course at your university and get a good degree to do a better job

2 months ago Name : Ti** **an From : Singapore

Reasons from E*** ****ola

I choose Beijing Normal University to do a short term due to information, I explore on its educational background, environment and classes. i also got recommendations from comments students who had a wonderful experience.

5 months ago Name : E*** ****ola From : Nigeria

Reasons from Abb** ***in

The reason is that this University is the top ranked in the world so that's why i chose this University.

5 months ago Name : Abb** ***inFrom : Pakistan

Reasons from Luben***** ****andra

Good reputation, nice placing of the university, interesting program

7 months ago Name : Luben***** ****andraFrom : Russian Federation

Reason 5
Editor's Words
Degree program application deadline is much earlier than other universities

Normally, Beijing Normal University degree application deadline will be ended in the end of March each year. So, if you are interested in applying for programs in BNU, maybe you need to prepare in advance.

Entry examination is required for some students

If students can not meet the needs of Beijing Normal University acceptance, you need to attend entry exam organized by university, the test time in April generally. BNU will set up two examination stations, one is in BNU, mainland of China, the other station is in overseas, like South korea, where may be changed for some factors.

Paper application material which has been notarized are required for degree students

students themselves or other student clients need to send the paper notarized materials to BNU.