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China's Sport University

Study in Beijing Sport University
Beijing Sport University
City: Beijing
Level: 211 Project
Type: Sport
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • China's best athletics school.

  • The best place for persons studying sports, athletic training and athletic media.

  • It has lots of advanced equipments and places for teaching, training and scientific research.

  • It has good cooperation and exchange activities with 39 universities from 18 countries.

  • Small class size for non degree program.

  • Dormitory for the international students with fully equipped Apartment type rooms.

  • Banks, Post office, Telephone booths, Supermarkets are available inside the campus.

Study in BSU
Study in Wuhan Sports University
Wuhan Sports University
City: Wuhan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Sport
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

Study in WHSU
Study in Capital University of Physical Education and Sports

  • One of the best universities in China for Physical Education.

  • The only one government-owned institution of higher physical education with more than 50 years of history in Beijing.

  • From Beginner to Proficient classes available.

  • Total immersion in the Physical training program.

  • The university is situated in downtown area and has easy access to the convenient public transportation.

  • The student life in its different campuses is interesting and buzzing with energy.

Study in CUPES
Study in Shanghai University of Sport
Shanghai University of Sport
City: Shanghai
Level: Ordinary
Type: Sport
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Shanghai University of Sport (SUS), founded in November 1952, is the first university of its kind in New China.

  • Shanghai University of Sport (SUS) is the one of the top five sport universities in China.

  • SUS was formerly under the direct governance of the General Administration of Sport of China and began to be jointly constructed and managed in 2001 by the General Administration of Sport of China and Shanghai Municipal Government.

  • Over sixty years of construction and development, SUS has grown into a multi-disciplined university with six categories of education, management, science, literature, medicine and arts featured with sport science.

Study in SUS
Study in Shenyang Sport University
Shenyang Sport University
City: Shenyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Sport
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • Now, as a leading institution of sport training and physical education, we provide world-class athletic and academic facilities on a spacious modern campus.

  • Shenyang Sport University expanded to its new site (spread over 720,000 square meters) in the southern suburbs of Shenyang in late 2006.

  • Our university has comprehensive programs that range from producing world champion athletes to training students for a multitude of careers in the sport industry.

  • Departments include Physical Education, Exercise and Training, Chinese Traditional Martial Arts, Management, Kinesiology, and Sports Humanities.

Study in SSU
Study in Guangzhou Sport University
Guangzhou Sport University
City: Ganzhou
Level: Ordinary
Type: Sport
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Founded in 1958,G.I.P.E is the only higher education institution majoring in sports in South China .

  • It offers three main subjects-Physical Education, Literature and Economics-which include 8 specialties .

  • It is also entitled by the National Sports Bureau to award qualification certificates for referees and athletes of the highest level.

  • G.I.P.E has established an exchange program with over 10 universities in the U.S., Australia, Finland, Malaysia and other countries.

Study in GIPE
Study in Tianjin University of Sport
Tianjin University of Sport
City: Tianjin
Level: Ordinary
Type: Sport
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Tianjin University of Sport is located in the HeXi District of Tianjin, one of the four municipal cities in China.

  • The university holds the lab of exercise physiology, one of the key labs heavily funded by local government.

  • The university offers the courses leading to the degrees of PhD, M.S., M.A.,and B.A..

Study in TUS
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Sport Universities

China has paid more and more attention to improving its sport industry in recent years. In 2008, China let the world see it China’s achievement in sports and also demonstrated its determination to develop sport and make people healthier than before. So far, China has established many sport universities and students from sport universities usually become athletes, coaches and teachers in China. Some popular sport universities in China are: Tianjin University of Sport, Nanjing Institute of Physical Education and Shenyang Sport University.
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