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China's Science and Engineering University

Study in Nanjing Tech University

  • Nanjing Tech University, a comprehensive university with engineering as its focus, has a history of more than one hundred years as a cradle of education.

  • It is a key institution of higher learning to be constructed in Jiangsu Province, and one of the first group of institutions of higher learning approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education for the training of "Excellent Engineers".

  • Nanjing Tech University has a strong contingent engaging in scientific research.

  • In recent years, the University has undertaken 5,000 scientific research projects, including those of the 973 Program, the 863 Program, and the State Natural Science Foundation.

Study in NJTECH
Study in Shanghai DianJi University

  • Shanghai Dian Ji University is a public university which is focused on the cultivation of students with strong practical skills and its key specialty is engineering.

  • Approved by the former National Educational Committee, the school was one of the three first schools nationwide that had the privilege to start experimenting 5-year higher vocational education.

  • The school has won the titles of “Municipal Model Unit”, “Excellent Unit of Vocational Education in the Nation”, “Key College of National Higher Vocational and Professional Education”, “Model College of Higher Vocational and Professional Education in Shanghai”(one out of eleven), and “Excellent Employment Promotion Collective Body of Shanghai”.

  • Relying on and taking advantage of local industries, the university has expanded its teaching space by acquiring 65 out-of-campus matching bases for training and practice.

  • The percentage of graduates signing up the first employment contract has remained above 95% for more than ten years, placing SDJU among the top universities in Shanghai.


Study in SDJU
Study in Nanchang Hangkong University

  • It is an engineering-based multidisciplinary university.

  • It has made great achievements in the cultivation of talents and its employment rate of graduate ranks first in Jiangxi Province.

  • The university has made great progress in the field of scientific research.

  • One of the best universities in the field of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

  • Shopping centers, banks, post offices, and supermarkets near the University.

  • The accommodation is awesome, clean rooms with bathroom, TV, fridge, microwave oven and air conditioner.

Study in NCHU
Study in Huaihai Institute of Technology

  • Huaihai Institute of Technology (HHIT), with its main campus lying to the west of Huaguo mountain- a famous AAAA national scenic spot, is located in the eastern bridgehead of the Euro-Asia Continental Bridge -- Lianyungang City, one of the initially approved coastal cities of economy in China.

  • HHIT has 4 campuses, with teaching facilities totally up to 100 million yuan (RMB) and a library collection of over 1.27 million books as well as rich electronic acdemic resources.

  • The institute comprises 18 schools,2 faculties and 51 undergraduate programs covering engineering, managing, arts, science, agronomy, law and economics.

  • The institute also attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation and has conducted joint programs with more than 20 institutes and institutions in different countries.

Study in HHIT
Study in Shanghai University of Electric Power

  • Shanghai University of Electric Power is a full-time institute of higher learning jointly set up by the Central Government and Shanghai Municipal Government and mainly under the administration of Shanghai Municipal Government.

  • The university has 12 research centers, composed of 56 labs.

  • The major, Power Plant of Thermal Energy Power and Environment Engineering, has been rated as the key cultivation of subjects for the Shanghai Educational Committee.

  • The library of the university possesses a collection of more than one million volumes of books.

Study in SUEP
Study in Ningbo University of Technology

  • Ningbo University of Technology, founded in 1983, is a full-time undergraduate university run by Ningbo Municipal People’s Government.

  • The University gives top priority to discipline construction and adheres to the principle of mainly developing engineering specialties while stressing multi-disciplinary coordinated development.

  • The University now has 12 secondary schools, 35 pecialties, 1 national level key specialty, 4 provincial level key specialties and 6 provincial level key disciplines.

  • Extensive international cooperation has been established to absorb foreign advanced experience and bring into full play the foreign-oriented operational features

  • The University is also the only one in Zhejiang Province to participate in “1+2+1 Sino-US Talent Cultivation Program” by the Ministry of Education.

  • Cooperation has also been set up with universities and educational institutions in USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Canada, Austria, France, Japan, Ireland, etc.


Study in NBUT
Study in Hunan Institute of Science and Technology

  • Yuyang is a city in northeast Hunan province on the shores of the Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River that is rich in history and culture.

  • The school has 18 departments with 46 undergraduate programs.

  • The school is actively engaged in exchanges with colleges and universities abroad and has established friendly relations with different countries.

Study in HNIST
Study in University of Science and Technology Liaoning

  • The University of Science and Technology Liaoning (USTL) was established in 1948 and was one of China’s earliest metallurgical higher institutions.

  • The university has developed into a national comprehensive university with a main focus on technology.

  • The university has 12 provincial level key subjects and 8 provincial level key laboratories.

  • Every year USTL sends outstanding graduating students to more than 10 of China’s largest iron and steel companies, such as Tanggang, Wugang, Jigang, Tiantie, Baogang, and Bengang.

Study in USTL
Study in Huanghe Science & Technology College

  • Huanghe Science & Technology College (HSTC) is a private general institute of higher education founded in October 1984.

  • In February 1994, HSTC became the first independently established higher institute of undergraduate course authorized by the former Committee of National Education.

  • Authorized by the Ministry of Education, HSTC became the first private general higher institute to award bachelor’s degrees in March 2000.

  • Combining the "pioneering, fighting, hard-working, and dedicating" spirits with self-reliance and diligence, the college has carved out a path of development for socialistic private colleges with Chinese characteristics.

Study in HSTC
Study in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPT) is based in Nanjing, a historically and culturally inspiring city that was once home to six ancient Chinese dynasties.

  • A Jiangsu Key University and one of China’s first universities included in the nation’s “2011 Project”.

  • Apart from individuals, NUPT has over the years fostered a number of prestigious teaching or research teams

  • NUPT is well equipped with teaching and research facilities.

  • NUPT actively promotes international exchange and cooperation.

Study in NUPT

Science and Engineering Universities

A science and engineering university means a university mainly focused on programs such as nature, science, technology, engineering, computer and mathematics. Since China set up the goal to build world class universities, more and more universities have become more “comprehensive” and not only providing science and engineering programs. Some popular science and engineering universities in China are: Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China and Huazhong University of Science & Technology.
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