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About Lanzhou

Lánzhōu (simplified Chinese: 兰州; traditional Chinese: 蘭州; Postal map spelling: Lanchow) is the capital and largest city of Gansu Province in Northwest China. A prefecture-level city, it is a key regional transportation hub, allowing areas further west to maintain railroad connections to the eastern half of the country. Lanzhou is home to 3,616,163 inhabitants at the 2010 census and 2,177,130 in the built-up area (urban) of 1,088 square kilometres (420 sq mi).

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About Gansu

"Gansu (simplified Chinese: 甘肃; pinyin: Gānsù) is a province located in the northwest of the China. Gansu has a population of 26 million (2009) and covers an area of 425,800 km2. The capital of Gansu is Lanzhou located in the southeast part of the province. Despite recent growth in Gansu and the booming economy in the rest of China, Gansu is still one of the poorest provinces in China. Its nominal GDP for 2011 was about 502.0 billion yuan (79.69 billion USD) and per capita of 12,836 RMB (1,879 USD). Some popular universities in Gansu including: Lanzhou University, Northwest University for Nationalities and Eastern Gansu University."
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