List of Universities Approved by Australian Medical Council

About Australian Medical Council

Australian Medical Council(AMC)

The AMC’s purpose is to ensure that standards of education, training and assessment of the medical profession promote and protect the health of the Australian community.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is an independent national standards body for medical education and training.

The AMC:

  • acts as an external accreditation entity for the purposes of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law

  • develops accreditation standards, policies and procedures for medical programs of study based predominantly in Australia and New Zealand and for assessment of international medical graduates for registration in Australia

  • assesses, using the approved accreditation standards, medical programs and the institutions that provide them – both those leading to general registration and those leading to specialist registration of the graduates to practise medicine in Australia

  • assesses other countries’ examining and accrediting authorities to decide whether persons who successfully complete the examinations or programs of study conducted or accredited by those authorities have the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes necessary to practise medicine in Australia

  • assesses the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes of overseas qualified medical practitioners seeking registration to practise medicine in Australia

  • assesses the case for recognition of medical specialties.

The AMC does not:

  • register doctors, which is a function of the Medical Board of Australia (MBA)

  • have responsibility for medical employment in Australia

  • make decisions regarding Australia's medical workforce

  • process applications for medical training in Australia

  • provide continuing medical education courses or other medical training.


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