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List of Top Urban Universities in China

Study in Heilongjiang University
Heilongjiang University
City: Harbin
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • One of the best universities in northeastern China for Chinese learning.

  • The Chinese program is popular among students from Russian speaking countries.

  • Small calls size for Chinese program.

  • Teaching quality deserves special credit as it is professional and interesting.  

  • Located in Harbin, a European-style city known as "Oriental Moscow" or "Oriental Paris".

  • For people who love snow sports, Harbin is the best place to go.

  • The university is a respected, high level university where you can learn purest mandarin.

  • The living expense in Harbin is extremely low.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

Study in HLJU
Study in Xiangtan University
Xiangtan University
City: Xiangtan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

Xiangtan University (XTU) is a comprehensive university selected in the Double First-Class University list, which was founded in accordance with Chairman Mao Zedong’s initiative in 1958. On September 10, 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong inscribed the Chinese characters of Xiangtan university and told its faculty members to“MakeItAGoodOne”. In 1974, Deng Xiaoping, Li Xiannian, and other national leaders approved the resumption of its academic activities. In 1978, the State Council designated XTU as one of the 16 comprehensive National Key Universities in China. In 1981, it became one of the first universities qualified to confer master’s degree. Since then, Hua Guofeng, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and other national leaders have successively visited, showing great care and support for XTU. On September 6, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction that he wished Xiangtan University to be much better and characterized as a university located in the hometown of Chairman Mao Zedong. In February 2022, XTU was selected in the Double First-Class University list.

Study in XTU
Study in Instant Mandarin
Instant Mandarin
City: Chengdu
Level: Ordinary
Type: Language
Location: Urban
Attribute: Private

Study in IM
Study in Hunan Agricultural University

Hunan Agricultural University(HUNAU), a key provincial university under the co-construction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, is the pioneering construction unit of the National “2011” Collaborative Innovation Center and one of the first national research institutes of new rural development as well. Graded "Excellent" in the undergraduate teaching assessment by the Ministry of Education and titled "the National Civilized Unit" and "National Civilized Campus", HUNAU aims to become one of the domestic first-class universities in Hunan Province (Class A). Located in Changsha, a famous city bearing long history and profound culture in China, the campus covers an area of 3,414 acres, offering a quiet and attractive paradise to realize dreams for both teachers and students.

Study in HUNAU
Study in Hunan University of Technology

Hunan University of Technology( or HUT) is a comprehensive university characterized by and famous for Packaging Education in China, with a scientific academic training system established in such leading disciplines as engineering, science and technology, management, economics, liberal arts, fine arts, laws and education, etc.
The university was founded in 1958, now having twenty-two colleges and one independent college, providing programs from bachelor degrees to master and doctorate degrees. We have one Special Needs Doctoral Program in green packaging and product security, 59 postgraduate Programs and 60 undergraduate programs. The teaching and academic excellence is marked by one State-Local Joint Engineering Research Centre, one nationally excellent teaching team, 4 provincially excellent teaching teams, one national centre for experimental training, 6 provincial centres for experimental training, 4 nationally famous featured programs, 12 provincially famous featured programs and 8 provincial key programs.

Study in HUT
Study in Qingdao University of Science and Technology

  • The Sino-Germany Technical College co-founded by Paderborn University (Germany) and QUST provides world-class engineering programs.

  • Located in Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city full of German and Italian style.

  • Qingdao, also a renowned summer resort, and known for its world famous beer.

  • The city Qingdao has one of the mildest climates in China, a famous tour city.

  • Low cost in tuition fee and living expense.

  • The dormitory building and room are new and clean, also cheap.

  • The university will in charge of the international students' affairs.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

Study in QUST
Study in Qingdao Technological University

  • It was found in 1953.

  • Located in Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city full of German and Italian style.

  • Qingdao, also a renowned summer resort, and known for its world famous beer.

  • The city Qingdao has one of the mildest climates in China, a famous tour city.

  • Low cost in tuition fee and living expense.

  • The university possesses a large number of high-level teachers and researchers.

Study in QTECH
Study in Shanghai Dianji University

The motto of Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU) is ‘illustrious virtue, highest excellence; extensive study, and earnest practice’, four essential phrases selected from two Chinese Classics ‘The Great Learning’ and ‘The Doctrine of the Mean’. Our mission in education is to create top talents in technology and its application that will best serve the city of Shanghai and the world in the new era.

Study in SDJU
Study in Hangzhou Normal University
Hangzhou Normal University
City: Hangzhou
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Hangzhou Normal University was first authorized to enroll overseas students in 1993 and became one of the first 5 institutions of higher learning within the province that was authorized to enroll and train overseas students.

  • The School is situated on Cangqian Campus which offers a picturesque environment for easy communication and accommodation. The teaching building covering over 2000 sq meters can hold almost 200 overseas students to study within. Li Yuan, the dorm for overseas students, equipped with sophisticated facilities provides rooms for over 200 overseas students.

  • Since 1993, overseas students from USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Israel, France, Luxemburg, Mexico, Mauritania, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. have come to HNU to study Chinese language, fine arts, music and other majors. 

  • In 2012, the university had an enrollment of over 600 international students doing studies in Chinese language and culture or working for undergraduate or graduate degrees in programs such as Chinese Language and Literature, Economics, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Education, Clinical Medicine, Health Care and Management.

  • Hangzhou Normal University is an authorized institution for enrolling and training international students sponsored by China’s Government Scholarship. It is also the partner institution for developing the Confucius Institute at Middle Tennessee State University, USA. 

Study in HZNU

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