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List of Top Urban Universities in China

Study in Mudanjiang Normal University
Mudanjiang Normal University
City: Mudanjiang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • It is a language model university.

  • The university is the first national language application research base in Heilongjiang Province.

  • It has a national Chinese proficiency test (HSK) center.

  • Small class size for Chinese program.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

  • The city is quiet and not many foreigners; you will improve your Chinese quickly.

  • For people who love snow sports, Mudanjiang is the best place to be.

  • The university is a respected, high level university where you can learn the purest mandarin. 

Study in MNU
Study in Xinjiang Normal University
Xinjiang Normal University
City: Urumqi
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • As a key University in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, it is famous for its pedagogical and comprehensive education, ethnic diversity and regional distinctiveness.

  • It is located in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, near the Chinese portion of the ancient Silk Road and at the foot of the northern Tianshan Mountains.

  • The university is popular among students from Western Asia and Middle Asia, also from Russian speaking countries.

  • The university was authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs with the Class A qualification to engage the foreign experts and teachers.

  • The university was put on the List of International Universities issued by the Association of International University in UNESCO.

Study in XNU
Study in Shenyang University
Shenyang University
City: Shenyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • It was established in 1906.

  • The main campus is located in the downtown of Shenyang, where the traffic is very convenient.

  • It offers a best environment both for living and studying.

  • It has established collaborative relationship with over 60 universities in nearly 20 countries of all over the world.

  • The university is making unceasing efforts to optimize teaching syllabus, recruit the most qualified and experienced teachers and improve the living and studying conditions for overseas students.

  • It is situated in Shenyang, the largest metropolis in northeast of China.

  • Shopping centers, banks, post offices, and supermarkets near the university.

  • Internet access is working in dormitory.

Study in SYU
Study in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

  • Long history, it was founded in 1952.

  • One member of National Project 211 of China.

  • One of national key comprehensive universities.

  • It has completed teaching facilities, advanced research equipment, rich library and museum collections, convenient transportation and beautiful campus.

  • The university is situated in Wuhan city, the central China's largest city and possesses a deep French influence.

  • Compare with the universities in Beijing or Shanghai, the living expense is quite low. With the same amount, you can get the high quality life style in Wuhan.

Study in CUG
Study in Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology

  • A young university, it was founded in 2001.

  • One of the Most famous 10 private schools in China.

  • Guangdong Advanced School in vocational training.

  • It is located in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, a Historical and Cosmopolitan City.

  • Wonderful climate and unique food.

  • Be adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau.

  • If you study here, you can learn not only the Standard Chinese (Mandarin) but also native Cantonese, which is popular in "China Towns" of western countries.

Study in LNIT
Study in Hubei Normal University
Hubei Normal University
City: Huangshi
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • The tuition fees and living costs are low.

  • The university also provides scholarships and part-time job to excellent students.

  • After graduation, the university recommends students to both Chinese and foreign enterprises for internship and employment.

  • All teachers are rich in professional experience.

  • Chinese language students have the opportunity to share accommodation with Chinese students, and are supported by language exchange partners.

  • Scholarships are provided to excellent students, and part-time jobs on campus are also available.

  • It is situated in Huangshi city, well known for being the birthplace of Chinese bronze and a landscaped city along the Yangtze River.

  • Huangshi is a new city characteristic of grand riverside scenes and pretty mountains and lakes.

Study in HBNU
Study in Beihua University
Beihua University
City: Jilin
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • The English taught MBBS program is very popular.

  • The tuition fee is low, but the teaching quality is good.

  • The MBBS program syllabus is well designed as per MCI, and you no longer have to worry about MCI screening test after going back to INDIA.

  • The university is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools and the degree is recognized by MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS etc.

  • The living expense in Jilin City is also quite low.

  • All the teaching and administrative staff have been making efforts to achieve the objective and are doing their best to make the international students'study life here successful.

Study in BEIHUA
Study in Beijing Information Technology College

  • Low tuition fee for Chinese training program.

  • One of the first "35 Models of National Software Vocational Technology Colleges".

  • It is an important national training base for electronic and information technology professionals.

  • It provides students with rich professional programs of high employability and competitiveness.

  • Everything on campus is well-prepared and teachers are very nice to students.

  • The university is in the downtown of the city, and it has easy access to metro and intercity commuting systems.

Study in BITC
Study in Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance

  • It is a comprehensive university with management and economics as the most important subjects.

  • The university is also good at Chinese training.

  • A wide and exciting range of sports facilities are offered here to provide you with extensive opportunities to make friends and practice your game skills.

  • The campus is ideally located within Songjiang University Park area, which is about 45 minutes away from the most dynamic, exciting and fast-growing downtown of Shanghai.

  • The curriculum is skillfully mingled with analytical, research, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills with which our students are able to make various, but very personal career plans.

  • The school cafeteria is very clean and tidy in perfect environment with wide selection of meals which is delicious and cheap.

Study in SLU
Study in Wenzhou Medical University
Wenzhou Medical University
City: Wenzhou
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

Study in WMU

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