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China's Ordinary University

Study in Shenyang Institute of Engineering

Under the guidance of the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, Shenyang Institute of Engineering (SIE) is a full-time regular undergraduate institution. Presently, SIE has a total student population of 11,064. Since it was founded, SIE has sent tens of thousands of applied talents to society. The employment rate of SIE has remained above 90% in recent years and graduates have received widely positive reviews from their employers.

Study in SIE
Study in Henan Polytechnic University

  • Safe, friendly atmosphere

  • Small class size-faculty to student ratio of 1:5

  • Flexible start dates

  • Fast-track options

  • Internship and co-op programs

  • On-campus residence

  • Lower Tuition and Accommodation Fee

Study in HPU
Study in Sanming University
Sanming University
City: Sanming
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

Study in FJSMU
Study in China Jiliang University

China Jiliang University (CJLU) is the only university dedicated to quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in the world, and a key university in Zhejiang Province with a distinct focus on those features.

Study in CJLU
Study in Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology

Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Techonology always follows its “students-oriented” idea and makes thoughtful arrangements to build a solid foundation for students' success.

Study in ZJC
Study in LTL Mandarin School
LTL Mandarin School
City: Beijing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Language
Location: Urban
Attribute: Private

Certified and experienced teachers, personalized curriculum, immersion environment, specialized courses, and convenient location, we provide excellent Chinese language education for you!

Study in LTL
Study in Mandarin House
Mandarin House
City: Shanghai
Level: Ordinary
Type: Language
Location: Urban
Attribute: Private

Have branch schools right in the heart of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, London & New York City etc.

Study in MH
Study in Southwest University of Nationalities

  • Situated in Chengdu city, a garden city famous for spicy food & spicy girls.

  • An ancient city with more than 2000 years. Easy to see lovely Giant Pandas.

  • For language training students: excellent studying and accommodation facilities, small-class teaching, responsible staff.

  • Considerably low tuition/living costs.

  • Campus is really beautiful and surrounding is quiet.

  • There are guards everywhere and all of them are very polite.

  • Most of the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

Study in SWUN
Study in International Youth University
International Youth University
City: Beijing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Language
Location: Urban
Attribute: Private

  • It is popular among Japanese students, as it was jointly sponsored by the Japanese and Chinese governments.

  • It is located in Beijing's Central Business District, a hub of international activity.

  • The first university to provide courses of all the subjects for the entrance exam to Tsinghua University and it has the highest enrolment rate.

  • On-going cultivation and education for our graduates who study in universities.

  • Small class size for Chinese program.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

Study in IYU

Ordinary Universities

Nowadays, there are about 2047 universities (not including universities in 211 and 985 project) in China, and in 2014, 7.27 million students graduated from universities in China. Ordinary universities can be divided into several categories such as general university, technical university, specialized university such as medical, foreign language and teacher-training university. As China's economy keeps growing, more and more international students choose to study in China. They don’t only study Chinese, but also undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. Before you want to study in China, you can learn more information about courses and facilities of ordinary universities on CUCAS.
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