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Study in Wuhan Institute of Technology

  • Wuhan Institute of Technology , originally named as Hubei Petrochemical Institute was under the administration of Hubei Province when it was established in June 1972 .

  • WIT offers different academic programs to three levels of students including undergraduates, postgraduates, and junior college students.

  • There are 14 subordinate schools, one department and one research institute and one independent( attached) college.

  • In recent years, the university has undertaken 2200 various research projects, of which 59 are at national level, 426 at provincial level.

  • The University has won 39 awards of all kinds of technology achievements.

  • WIT attaches great importance to cooperation and exchange with foreign higher education institutions and corporations.


Study in WIT
Study in North China Institute of Science and Technology

  • North China Institute of Science and Technology (NCIST) is accountable to the State Administration of Work Safety.

  • The NCIST library has a large collection of 950,000 books and over 1600 newspapers and periodicals (in both Chinese and other languages).

  • The National Safety Training Center of Coal Mine (founded in 1985 at this institute) is an important training base for the State Administration of Work Safety.

  • NCIST maintains a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with UNDP and International Labor Organization.

  • North China Institute of Science and Technology (NCIST) is the only university supported by State Administration of Work Safety

Study in NCIST
Study in Chongqing University of Science and Technology

  • Chongqing University of Science and Technology is a full-time public university of general education with a history of over 60 years and good reputation.

  • With teaching facilities worth 214 million RMB Yuan. the library of Chongqing University with the construction area of over 42,000 square meters possesses a collection of nearly 1.45 million books and a wide range of digital resources.

  • The university has established partnership in teaching, scientific research, talent development, etc. with over 30 colleges or universities both at home and abroad.

  • The university devotes to provide a good studying, living and researching environment for students, which is beneficial to their growth and all-round development.

Study in CQUST
Study in Anhui University of Technology

  • Anhui University of Technology (AHUT) was founded in 1958. It is a multidisciplinary university with engineering as its focus, while maintaining balanced programs in science, management, humanities, economics, law and arts.

  • The university is located in Ma’anshan, Anhui Province, a city with titles of “National Civilized City”, “National Garden City”, “Top Quality Environment City”, “National Tourism City”, and with 40 kilometers to Nanjing, the “Capital City for Six Dynasties in Ancient China”.

  • The libraries on the two campuses provide access to 2.67 million collections and a variety of high quality academic databases, eJournals, and eBooks.

  • AHUT attaches great importance to opening up. It has cooperative ties with over 30 higher education institutions in a number of countries and regions.

Study in AHUT
Study in Anhui Agricultural University

  • AAU Is Honored As One Of The First Ten Universities Selected Nationally, To Set Up “New Rural Development Research Institutes Project”.

  • There Are 5 Mobile Postdoctoral Research Stations, 5 Level-A And 32 Level-B Doctorial Disciplines, Along With 89 Masters And 4 Authorized Disciplines To Grant Master Degrees.

  • AAU Is Also The Base Of “Anhui Agricultural-Grand-Wisdom”, And One Of The Institutions “Receiving International Students Sponsored By China Scholarship”.

  • AAU Has Sound Collaboration With International Universities Of More Than 30 Countries And Regions, Such As The United States, Britain And Canada, To Work In Fields Of Scientific Research And Teaching.


Study in AAU
Study in Xiamen University of Technology

1. Xiamen University of Technology (XMUT) Introduction

XMUT is located in Jimei, one of the outer districts of Xiamen city. Xiamen in one of China’s five original Special Economic Zones, and is famous not only for its economic growth but also for its beautiful climate and clean environment.

XMUT was founded in 1981, at around the same time as the Special Economic Zone. Its university status was conferred by Presiden Xi Jin Ping when he was governor of Fujian Province.

XMUT now has a total of three campuses, with a combined area of more than 120 hectares. In 2013 XMUT had a total enrollment of 21,000 domestic students. In addition, since the 1990s it has hosted hundreds of international students from all over the world.

It currently has 1,000 faculty members, including approximately 50 overseas teachers, and offers 63 undergraduate and graduate programs.

XMUT is currently engaged in more than 30 active agreements with 40 institutions in 12 countries in the world. We have more than 20 programs which allow academic credit transfer in partnership with 10 overseas universities, and share curricula with overseas universities in the fields of engineering and business studies. We are working hard to strengthen our international links and develop new programs in cooperation with our growing number of international partners.

In addition, XMUT’s academic research and development is constantly accelerating. Since 2007 we have been at the top of Fujian Province’s rankings for the number and funding of research projects, and have been awarded grants for 11 new research projects by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

All of this means that XMUT is able to offer a very special environment for both study and research, at once diverse and inclusive.

2. Xiamen University of Technology (XMUT) Review

"The best thing is that international students in this university have access to extensive opportunities for enterprise internships in China." -Amy

3. Xiamen University of Technology (XMUT) Teaching quality

-A key construction university in Fujian Province.

Study in XMUT
Study in Jilin University of Finance and Economics

  • Jilin University of Finance and Economics is a Jilin Province key university under the joint construction of Jilin Province People’s Government and the State Taxation Administration.

  • The university is committed to raising its competitiveness by scientific research.

  • According to the Phoenix Network, the employment rate and employment quality of our graduates in recent years was ranked No. 24 nationwide and No. 2 in northeast China among the non-"211" (top 100 universities in the 21st century) post-secondary schools.

  • The university values international exchange and cooperation, who has established intercollegiate ties with over 30 universities in 11 countries.

Study in JLUFE
Study in Northwest University of Political Science and Law

  • Located in the time-honored city of Xi’an, Northwest University of Politics & Law is a multi-disciplinary institution of higher education characterized of law education together with a broad array of disciplines.

  • It is a base of great importance for training nationwide law talents, the centre of law studies in northwest China, and also a significant base for studies of humanities and social sciences in Shaanxi province.

  • NWUPL consists of two campuses, the Yanta Campus and the Chang’an Campus, with an area of 1347 mu.

  • It has set up 6 experimental and practice centers concerning legal practice, evidence technology, modern communications and so on with 16 basic laboratories, 72 field work centers, and with appliances for teaching and learning worth of about ¥60 million (RMB).

  • Both campuses have their own libraries, totaling 1.7 million collections including 3,000 kinds of works in Chinese and foreign languages and more than 20 digital platforms.

  • NWUPL comprises 15 schools, 1 department, and 1 center.

Study in NWUPL
Study in Jiangsu Normal University
Jiangsu Normal University
City: Xuzhou
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • Jiangsu Normal University was initially built in 1952 as Wuxi Vocational School for Former Military Officers with Lieutenant General Liu Xiansheng as the first president.

  • Now Jiangsu Normal University is composed of four campuses. There are nearly 2.50 million volumes in the library. The university has 3 trial academic divisions, 21 specialty schools, plus the Teachers’ Training School, Further Education School, International College and Kewen Institute.

  • JSNU has established intercollegiate relationships with more than 20 universities and colleges in different countries.

  • The summer social practice program has been honored by The Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education, the League Central Committee and National Association of Students for eleven consecutive years.

Study in JSNU
Study in Tianjin Agricultural University

  • Tianjin Agricultural University (TJAU) was founded in 1976, located in Wuqing County and then moved to the current place in 1985, and incorporated with Urban and Rural Economy School of Tianjin in 2002 which was approved by Tianjin Municipal Government.

  • The two campuses, eastern and western, cover an area of 1049 mu (about 69.9 hectares) with a floor space of 291,900 square meters. The teaching and researching equipment cost 83,000,000 yuan and has a stock of 770,000 books.

  • There are modern buildings, laboratory buildings, libraries, net-work center and sports stadiums on campus.

  • International exchange and cooperation are growing rapidly. TJAU has built friendly exchange relationship with more than 20 countries and 50 universities all over the world.

  • Tianjin Agricultural University (TJAU) is the only municipal higher agricultural college in Tianjin.

Study in TJAU

Ordinary Universities

Nowadays, there are about 2047 universities (not including universities in 211 and 985 project) in China, and in 2014, 7.27 million students graduated from universities in China. Ordinary universities can be divided into several categories such as general university, technical university, specialized university such as medical, foreign language and teacher-training university. As China's economy keeps growing, more and more international students choose to study in China. They don’t only study Chinese, but also undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. Before you want to study in China, you can learn more information about courses and facilities of ordinary universities on CUCAS.
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