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China's Ordinary University

Study in Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute

  • It is the base of the institute to absorb the advanced educational recourses from abroad. It is also the base to cultivate international students.

  • The School of International Exchange well integrates teaching and research.

  • It engages itself in the Chinese language and culture teaching for international students as well as Chinese students of all majors.

  • It undertakes the relevant academic researches as well.

Study in HQWY
Study in Lingnan Normal University
Lingnan Normal University
City: Zhanjiang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Lingnan Normal University is a provincial undergraduate normal university with a long history and profound culture.

  • The university is a comprehensive four year undergraduate and multidisciplinary normal university with a variety of disciplines

  • In 2010, Lingnan Normal University was authorized as a newly-listed university for construction of master degree conferment by Guangdong Provincial Government.

Study in LNU
Study in Dianxi normal university of science and technology

  • Located in Lincang city, Yunnan province of southwest China, a mild and picturesque border city adjacent to the upper reaches of the Mekong, merely 520 km away from the provincial capital Kunming accessible by daily express buses air flights.

  • Also, as one of the earliest thirteen Chinese Education bases in the province, from 2001 onward, it has offered a cutting-edge program of Chinese Language & Culture for international and oversea Chinese students from around the world.

  • Meanwhile the college is expanding its range of educational communication and cooperation with international partners.

Study in WYNU
Study in Anhui Normal University
Anhui Normal University
City: Beijing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Founded in 1928,Anhui Normal University is not only an institution of higher learning but also one of the earliest universities in the Anhui province.

  • The library has about 2.47 million of books,1.9 ancient books more than 600 of them are reliable ancient books.It also has domestic and international natural resources and data bank.

  • It has cooperative relations with America, Britain,Germany,Sweden,Finland,Vietnam,Korea,Canada etc.

  • It also has friendly relations with Institutions of higher education and organizations in Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan.

  • Anhui Normal University is the first accredited university to accept international students and also one of the first educational base units of teaching Chinese language and culture affiliated to the the overseas Chinese affairs office of the state council.

  • Anhui Normal University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Anhui Province and a provincial key university.

Study in ANNU
Study in Huanghe Science & Technology College

  • Huanghe Science & Technology College (HSTC) is a private general institute of higher education founded in October 1984.

  • In February 1994, HSTC became the first independently established higher institute of undergraduate course authorized by the former Committee of National Education.

  • Authorized by the Ministry of Education, HSTC became the first private general higher institute to award bachelor’s degrees in March 2000.

  • Combining the "pioneering, fighting, hard-working, and dedicating" spirits with self-reliance and diligence, the college has carved out a path of development for socialistic private colleges with Chinese characteristics.

Study in HSTC
Study in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPT) is based in Nanjing, a historically and culturally inspiring city that was once home to six ancient Chinese dynasties.

  • A Jiangsu Key University and one of China’s first universities included in the nation’s “2011 Project”.

  • Apart from individuals, NUPT has over the years fostered a number of prestigious teaching or research teams

  • NUPT is well equipped with teaching and research facilities.

  • NUPT actively promotes international exchange and cooperation.

Study in NUPT
Study in Yulin University
Yulin University
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Yulin University (YLU) is located in the city of Yulin, designated as one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China.

  • The teaching equipment is valued at 89.46 million RMB Yuan. The library is equipped with an integrated library management system, enabling the librarians to work efficiently.

  • YLUis proud of its well-qualified faculties.

  • The University aims at training qualified personnel and equipping them with practical skills and professional knowledge.

  • YulinUniversityis actively engaged in international exchange programs. It is a sister college to 16 universities in countries and regions like the U.S., Australia, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Study in YLU
Study in Beijing Dance Academy
Beijing Dance Academy
City: Beijing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Art
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Beijing Dance Academy is the only institution of higher education in dance in China.

  • The Academy was approved by the State Academic Degree Commission to be an authorized unit to grant the MA degree in 1999.

  • The Academy is proud of its talented faculty, a great variety of dance forms as well as abundant teaching materials and rigorous approaches to academic research.

  • Every year, the Academy invites foreign guest artists to teach and teachers of the Academy are invited to teach abroad as well.

  • The Academy has made remarkable achievements in teaching, scientific research and artistic practice over the past decades.

  • The Academy is ranked among the best institutions in China and the prestigious dance academies in the world.

Study in BDA
Study in Chongqing Three Gorges University

  • Chongqing Three Gorges University (CTGU), set up in 1956, is a state-owned general university under the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission.

  • CTGU has established cooperation and exchange relationship with many universities both domestic and abroad.

Study in CTGU
Study in Nanjing Audit University

  • Nanjing Audit University, or NAU, the only financial and economical institute of higher education around the world that carries “AUDIT” in its name.

  • In the year 2012, NAU was ranked as “Jiangsu Provincial Outstanding College in Teaching Affairs”.

  • NAU firmly adheres to the principle of opening up to the outside world. Up to the year of 2012, we have over 200 teachers going abroad on visiting or training programs, and 25 teachers engaged in UN audit.

  • NAU has established extensive cooperation and exchange contacts with international organizations

  • NAU adheres to the teaching philosophy of “distinguishing features, high quality and internationalization” and cherishes “honesty, truth pursuing, diligence and devotion to public duty” as its school motto.

Study in NAU

Ordinary Universities

Nowadays, there are about 2047 universities (not including universities in 211 and 985 project) in China, and in 2014, 7.27 million students graduated from universities in China. Ordinary universities can be divided into several categories such as general university, technical university, specialized university such as medical, foreign language and teacher-training university. As China's economy keeps growing, more and more international students choose to study in China. They don’t only study Chinese, but also undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. Before you want to study in China, you can learn more information about courses and facilities of ordinary universities on CUCAS.
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