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Study in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

  • The best university in China for Finance learning.

  • Graduates are pursuing their careers in international organizations such as UN, IMF, World Bank as well as various Fortune 500 Companies.

  • Easy to see the lovely Giant Pandas.

  • Situated in Chengdu city, a garden city famous for spicy food & spicy girls.

  • For language training students: excellent studying and accommodation facilities, small-class teaching, responsible staff and considerably low tuition/living costs.

  • Campus is really beautiful and surrounding is quiet. There are guards everywhere and all of them are very polite.

  • Most of the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

Study in SWUFE
Study in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

  • The best and oldest business university in China.

  • The only university in Shanghai provides Business Chinese in different levels.

  • One of 2 national research centers in business Chinese.

  • Many economics and finance-related subjects rank top 10 in China.

  • Salary and employability of graduates rank top 10 in China.

  • All campuses located in downtown.

  • Study in the same campus with Chinese students in the same campuses for all degree programs.

Study in SUFE
Study in China University of Political Science and Law

  • One of the top 5 universities for Law study.

  • The only university offers Legal Chinese program.

  • The university is situated in downtown area and has easy access to convenient public transportation system.

  • Students' life in its different campuses is interesting and buzzing with energy. There are various societies that you may like to join.

  • The best choice for students who want to learn Chinese in Beijing with limited budget.

  • One of the lowest tuition fee for Chinese programs in Beijing.

  • The accommodation fee is the cheapest among universities in Beijing.

Study in CUPL
Study in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • One of the best Chinese universities in Electrical Engineering field.

  • A research-oriented university with information technology and telecommunications.

  • One of the most important teaching and research bases for information technology and telecommunication industry in China.

  • The campus has a quiet, comfortable environment and is very convenient for transportation.

  • One of the universities in Beijing that offers the lowest tuition fee for Chinese program.

  • The English taught Telecommunications Engineering program is available.

  • The campus is close to the foreign student lifestyle centre of Wudaokou.

  • Most of the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

Study in BUPT
Study in North China Electric Power University

  • Founded in 1958

  • "211 Project" university

  • 58 bachelor’s programs, 65 master’s programs, 26 Ph.D. programs in ten schools

  • 2 key disciplines at the national level - Electric Power System and Its Automation and Thermal Power Engineering

  • 3 science and technology innovation platform at the national level, 3 key laboratories at the Ministry of Education level, 11 science and technology innovation platform at the provincial and ministerial level

  • 1782 full-time teachers, including 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 chief scientists of "973" Program, 5 winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth, 4 "Cheung Kong Scholars",  7 candidates of the National Project of "Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand" Professionals

Study in NCEPU
Study in Beijing University of Technology

  • One of China's national key "211 Project" universities (Top 50).

  • One of Beijing's most popular destinations for international students.

  • The university is in the downtown of the city, easy access to metro and intercity commuting system.

  • The university is a young university and it is also the fastest-growing university in China.

  • International Student Orientation takes place after the beginning of the fall and spring semester.

  • Many activities available to international students at the university outside the classroom.

  • The accommodation is awesome, clean rooms with bathroom, TV, fridge, microwave oven and air conditioner.

Study in BJUT
Study in Nanjing Normal University
Nanjing Normal University
City: Nanjing
Level: 211 Project
Type: Normal
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • It was founded in 1902, more than 100 years old.

  • The best university in Nanjing for Chinese learning.

  • One of the 6 National Bases for Teaching Chinese for Foreigners.

  • The most beautiful campus in Nanjing.

  • The buildings are century years old.

  • The summer program is quite popular among western students.

  • An International university, all the staffs and Chinese students speak English well.

  • Located in the historical city of Nanjing, the capital of China before 1949 and 300 km away from Shanghai.

  • Nanjing is a city with Chinese tradition as the background and full of many modern qualities.

Study in NNU
Study in Southwest University
Southwest University
City: Chongqing
Level: 211 Project
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • It is a comprehensive and national key university.

  • It is one of the "211 Project" universities (top 100).

  • One of the universities designated to enroll Chinese Government Scholarship students.

  • Chonqing Mayor Scholarships and SWU Excellent Overseas Students Scholarship are available.

  • It is good at teachers' education and agricultural education.

  • The dining halls for students are famous for their good service.

  • International students' dormitories are providing hotel-style services.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well. 

Study in SWU
Study in Hunan Normal University
Hunan Normal University
City: Changsha
Level: 211 Project
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • A member of National Project 211 and ranks top 100 of china universities.

  • It locates in one of the most ancient city, Changsha.

  • It is very strong at teaching Chinese as a second language.

  • The dining halls for students are famous for their good service.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

  • The international student dormitories are providing hotel-style services.

  • Banks, post office, telephone booths, supermarkets are available inside the campus.

  • Compare with the universities in Beijing or Shanghai, the living expense in HNU is quite low. With the same amount, you can get higher quality life style in Changsha. 

Study in HUNNU
Study in Sichuan Agricultural University

  • A member of National Project 211 and ranks top 100 of china universities.

  • It was found in 1906, with 100 years history.

  • It is situated in the well known city of Ya'an, the hometown of Giant Panda.

  • Ya'an is also a top ten China glamour city and Chinese excellent tourist city.

  • Small class size for Chinese program.

  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.

  • The city is quiet and not many foreigners; you will improve your Chinese quickly. 

Study in SICAU

About 211 Project Project

“211 Project“ was initiated in 1995 by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, it is a project aimed at enhancing research standards of high-level universities and cultivating strategies for socio-economic development. So far, China has more than 118 institutions of higher education that were designated as 211 Project institutions, and from 1996 to 2000, approximately US$2.2 billion was invested in this project. Among those universities, 6 percent for them have met certain scientific, technical, and human resources standards and offer advanced degree programs. Nowadays, four-fifths of doctoral students and one-third of undergraduates are trained by project 211 universities in China. What’s more, they offer 85% of the state's key subjects, hold 96 percent of the state's key laboratories, and utilize 70% of scientific research funding in China.
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